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'Risk management director' named as one of the best jobs in America.

Byline: Denny Jacob

When you consider if you have a "good job," what comes to mind?

For some, it's work involved or the opportunity for advancement. Others might instantly think of the pay. If you're truly lucky, it's a combination of the three. Recently, PayScale and CNN Money teamed up to identify the top 100 jobs that met those criteria. If you're job searching or considering a career change and looking for job satisfaction, low stress and rising pay, one of these jobs might be for you.

A job that matters

For recent graduates, searching for an industry that works with you is a hard find. But there's good news: the insurance industry is readily adapting. With many of its workers poised to retire, the industry is looking to attract new talent. By appealing to millennials, certain insurance sectors are looking to offer flexibility and career development.

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A career in risk management is a viable option for new graduates. As the insurance industry is looking to fill in empty seats, graduates entering the field will bring a fresh perspective to the field. Their tech-savvy background is just one asset graduates bring to the table.

Top 5 jobs in America

Learn more about the PayScales' 5 top jobs in America and how a career as a risk management director may be appealing:

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1. Mobile Application Developer

Median annual pay: $97,100

Projected 10-year job growth: 19 percent

Why you want this job: Top pay in this occupation reaches well into six-figures, plus it's a low-stress, high-satisfaction job that often allows for telecommuting. If you love technology, this might be the perfect choice for you.

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2. Risk Management Director

Median annual pay: $131,000

Projected 10-year job growth: 7 percent

Why you want this job: It comes as no surprise that an insurance job is second on the list. As the markets adapt to an increasingly digital world -- whether it be autonomous vehicles or an uptick in cyber attacks -- insurers offer greater coverage and insureds look to mitigate potential liabilities.

While numerous industries continue to infuse technology into their practice even further, the number of risks and liabilities grow with it. This is where risk managers step in. Risk management directors prepare for and clean up after all manner of disasters; from security breaches to hurricanes, risk management directors are paid to be ready for any given scenario which poses a threat. So, it's not exactly a low-stress job. On the other hand, if you want your job to matter, you couldn't ask for a better line of work.

Personal satisfaction scores are high in this field.

'Exciting time'

"It's an exciting time to be in the risk management profession," said RIMS President Nowell Seaman. "Whether your title is Risk Management Director, Chief Risk Officer, whether your role falls under the purview of executive team, legal, finance or another, risk management continues to gain recognition around the world as a critical business function that delivers undeniable value to the organization."

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3. Landman

Median annual pay: $93,600

Projected 10-year job growth: 7 percent

Why you want this job: Landmen negotiate mineral rights, acting as go-betweens for energy companies and landowners. According to CNN Money, "There's a feeling of patriotism among landsmen, who consider themselves on the frontline as America moves toward energy independence."

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4. Product Analyst

Median annual pay: $74,900

Projected 10-year job growth: 19 percent

Why you want this job: The products that make our lives better -- or at least more fun -- have one thing in common: a product analyst helped make them what they are today. This low-stress job offers high job satisfaction.

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5. Information Assurance Analyst

Median annual pay: $98,900

Projected 10-year job growth: 18 percent

Why you want this job: Data breaches seriously impact companies and consumers, and information assurance analysts are the ones who prevent them or respond in the aftermath. CNN Money calls them "data superheroes" and that's accurate. While you won't get to wear a cape in this job, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your job really makes a difference.

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