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'Rainwater harvesting'.

Byline: M. A. Bhatti - Lahore

THIS refers to the letter 'Rainwater harvesting' (July 13). I have seen in Australia people in their houses have separate rainwater downpipes from roof which lead to an underground water tank built for collecting this water. This water is used for gardening, washing cars and all purposes except drinking.

In Pakistan, we already have in bigger houses underground tanks. This tank maybe used for collecting rainwater. There are other proposals for rainwater harvesting. They have already been introduced but have fallen prey to the inefficiency of departments concerned and our engineers.

We should so build medians in city dual carriageways that they absorb rainwater, with slopes on the two sides of roads. This will not only increase the depleting underground water levels, we can also get rid of water ponds seen on roads during rains.

The other schemes include rainwater drains running separate from sewerage lines leading to river beds. This has many advantages. Such drains have already been built along certain roads, but fell prey to poor planning by the Punjab government and constant development work by the former Punjab chief minister.

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Author:M. A. Bhatti - Lahore
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 30, 2020
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