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'Ragini MMS 2': Honey Singh's 'Chaar Botal Vodka' Song More Catchy than 'Baby Doll' [VIDEO].

The groovy number, "Chaar Botal Vodka" by Yo Yo Honey Singh from "Ragini MMS 2" has been unveiled.

The highly stylized number has Honey Singh rapping, as Sunny Leone is seen sizzling as the sexy siren. The song aiming to be a club number has the video totally that works in its favour.

The beats of the song are preppy and Honey Singh acts his part quite well, even grooving to some well choreographed R&B dance moves.

But a strict mention should be made of the rapper's sloppy lyrics, which goes: "Chaar Botal Vodka, Kaam mere roz ka, Na mujhko koi roke, na Kisi ne roka..." Surprisingly, that is all to it.

The "Lungi Dance" singer, who has till now belted out some hit numbers with catchy lyrics fails to uplift the song to an extent. Despite the paced up feel of the song, the track never really takes off as Honey Singh bluntly continues mouthing the same lines in his energetic demeanor.

Numerous YouTube viewers too have felt that the lyrics have failed to justify the energised feel of the song.

The song, however, has fetched a positive response and has already amassed over 1.6 lakh hits within a day of its release on You Tube.

"Chaar Botal Vodka" is the second song from the horror-erotica "Ragini MMS 2". The first song titled "Baby Doll" had Sunny Leone gyrating to some sexy moves in the preppy Punjabi track, which became an instant hit on the video sharing site. However, it appears that the new number by Honey Singh will beat "Baby Doll" hollow.

Watch Honey Singh and Sunny Leone Featuring "Chaar Botal Vodka":
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Date:Feb 26, 2014
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