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'Psychological terror' rapist gets nine years.

A former Midland student who coerced a woman into having sadomasochistic sex and then tricked her into believing she had been raped by a mysterious blackmailer has been jailed for nine years.

Danny Neville Hylton, of Hamstead, Birmingham, concocted a story he was being forced to commit the acts by a third party. Hylton convinced his 21-year-old victim to perform sex acts against her will.

Hylton (35), a former Keele University student, denied two charges of rape, one of theft and another of obtaining property by deception.

Yesterday a jury at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court returned guilty verdicts on the rape and deception charges.

He was cleared of the charge of theft of pounds 400 after a direction from Judge David Pugsley.

Sentencing Hylton, he said: "This young woman was subject to a concerted campaign of psychological terror. You invented a mythical blackmailer together with henchmen and extracted money from her and cynically exploited her.

"You achieved psychological mastery over this girl and then claimed dominion over her body. You didn't have the realism or courage to plead guilty," he said.

The judge ordered Hylton to sign a sex offenders register for life.

During the trial, the court heard Hylton embarked on the plan to fulfil his sexual desires by making his victim submissive and under his control.

Mr Edward Coke, prosecuting, told the court: "He invented a story to make her indulge in activity she wouldn't do.

"There were two occasions when she was bound, gagged and blindfolded and raped, " Mr Coke said.

From autumn 1998 Hylton's deception started by telling his victim he had received naked photographs and videos of her giving the impression she was being stalked.

The third party and an associate, dubbed "The Sender", then "demanded" the pair should make a video showing them having sex. The video was made in the woman's home but the "blackmailer" wanted more, the court heard.

According to Hylton, "The Sender" threatened to show the pictures and even send them to her parents' home and demanded about pounds 1,400.

The woman withdrew money from her building society account, handing pounds 1,000 to Hylton.

Then in May last year, they were "made" to make another video with Hylton pretending the third party was outside with an associate and they needed to see him.

While he left the room, Hylton's victim was told to lie face down on the bed, blindfolded, gagged and her hands tied behind her back.

Hylton left then came back and she was raped and forced to perform sex acts on video, along with her mouthing to the camera beforehand that the sex was consentual.

Afterwards, Hylton "returned"and the woman said she had been raped by the blackmailer.

Giving evidence at the trial the victim said: "I didn't consent to intercourse. I was terrified. I never recognised the voice. It never crossed my mind it was him."

But the woman was later shown the video and became hysterical after recognising Hylton as her attacker, she said.

The videos and photographs Hylton made were found by police in his flat along with bed linen from the woman's home in his dustbin.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jan 21, 2000
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