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'Please stop using hosepipes'.

UNITED Utilities has asked people to avoid using hosepipes in bid to avoid a hosepipe ban. Here's some of the response from our Facebook page...

NOPE I will not! You sting us for well over a grand a year so maybe United Utilities should work faster at cleaning that extra water! Maybe employ more people and let the people at the top suffer the cost.

Emma Morris I LIVE on my own, a pensioner, so my use of water is so small! Are they going to reduce our extortionate water bills? No I don't think so. So no, I will not be reducing my water usage. Linda Cowden CLEAN, safe drinking water is a finite resource. Educate yourselves. There hasn't been any significant rain for months. Kev Atkinson MAYBE if there wasn't a restricted market (only one company to buy your water from) they would feel the need to fix the pipe work so billions of gallons of water wouldn't be wasted every day. Dawn Matthews

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Publication:Manchester Evening News (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Date:Jul 2, 2018
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