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'Perform to Serve' extended to second-term Sailors.

Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Mark Ferguson recently announced plans to expand the Navy's Perform to Serve (PTS) program from first-term Sailors, to all E-6 and below with 10 years or less of service.

"The Perform to Serve program is a vital element of our Navy's total force strategy providing an opportunity to keep our best and brightest Sailors to meet future fleet and manpower requirements," said Ferguson. "The program that empowers our Sailors to perform to serve is now being expanded to include both Zone A and Zone B Sailors."

PTS is a centralized reservation system that helps the Navy manage the reenlistments of Sailors with less than six years of service, or Zone A. While most Sailors are permitted to reenlist in their current rate, Sailors in overmanned ratings may be offered reenlistment in an undermanned rating and Sailors with a poor performance history may not be granted permission to reenlist. Since Feb. 1, 2009, NAVADMIN 017/09 PTS expanded to include Zone B, which includes Sailors with six to 10 years of service.

Also since Feb. 1, all Sailors with an approved PTS application must sign a Page 13 within 30 days of message receipt to accept or decline their PTS reservation.

During 2008, almost 90 percent of Sailors who applied for PTS remained in their current rating, according to statistics from the Center for Career Development.

Controlling the number of Sailors in specific ratings provides better advancement opportunities for Sailors, while helping the Navy manage manpower requirements.

"When we started PTS in 2003, there were a lot of Sailors whose promotion opportunities were severely degraded because their rating was overmanned," said Senior Chief Personnel Specialist Ron Miller, PTS Branch, Enlisted Community Management Branch, Navy Personnel Command. "PTS has helped the Navy balance its ratings and where there is more balance, there are better promotion opportunities."

Sailors should consult their career counselors about 15 months before their end of active obligated service (EAOS) to fill out the paperwork to have the command submit a PTS application, regardless of their intentions to reenlist.

Sailors should read NAVADMIN 017/09 available at the NPC Website for complete details.

For more information regarding the submission process, application format or other PTS issues, visit the NPC Web site at or contact NPC's Customer Service Center by calling 1-866-U-ASK-NPC (1-866-827-5672).

Story courtesy of Navy Personnel Command, Millington, Tenn.
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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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