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'People who jog in crowded areas of London are clearly in love with themselves'; It is time to banish runners from London's busiest areas, argues reporter Ian Molyneaux.

Byline: Ian Molyneaux

Where you chose to exercise in, and what that decision says about you as a human being is a very important issue to confont.

To be absolutely clear this is in no way an anti-exercise article.

How could it be? Exercise is brilliant.

It is good for the mind, good for the body and good for the soul.

I actually think joggers get a bit of a rough deal, they are a pretty easy demographic to have a moan about.

But at the same time they just don't make it very easy for themselves.

For one they are just far too smug (just turn up at any park run on a weekend across London if you don't believe me and you'll find them, being smug).

But without doubt the most frustrating thing about some joggers are their choices when it comes to deciding where to go running.

It seems some London joggers thinking goes like this:

"It's 7.30am on a Tuesday morning and I fancy a run... but where should I go? Perhaps one of those huge parks that are practically everywhere across London?

"Or what about one of those wonderful technologically-advanced gymnasiums I have heard about...

"Nah, instead I am going to go to the busiest bridge in Britain and run across it."

It is the most inane decision known to mankind. No one understands it.

For some reason joggers have created this delusional, warped way of thinking that the best places to go running are the busiest streets and bridges on Earth - at the most crowded times possible.

There can only be one explanation. People who like to jog in crowded areas of London are in love with themselves - they are narcissists.

They want as many people as possible to know they exercise to serve some overly distorted infatuation with themselves, that they believe others will also share if they are only given the opportunity to see them run.

Enough is enough.

Spare Londoners of your self-obsession and find a nice secluded park to jog in.

You never know, you may well enjoy it.


Credit: ChiralJon

For some joggers their idea of the perfect time to run is when London Bridge is full of thousands of people trying to get to work

Credit: Rob Stothard/Getty Images

A sensible jogger running through Hyde Park

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Publication:Get West London (Watford, England)
Date:Aug 10, 2019
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