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 New Network Presents Significant Opportunities for
 Creative Community to Work Directly with Broadcasters
 LOS ANGELES, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Michael Lambert announces the formation of Partner Stations Network L.P. ("PSN"), an innovative partnership of five television station groups and Lambert Television, to produce first-run programming and to afford new programming opportunities for the creative community. Lambert is president of Lambert Television Management Inc., the general partner for PSN, and former president of Domestic Television for Twentieth Century Fox.
 This is the first time broadcasters, without a studio or network, have created a company to own and control the supply of their own programming for syndication, cable and other outlets evolving from new technology. PSN will maintain a full-time development and production staff providing the creative community with direct access to broadcasters, eliminating the cost associated with distributor/syndicator relationships.
 The station groups, which together own 26 stations covering approximately 20 percent of U.S. households, have equally capitalized PSN to create, develop, and produce strip programming for their own air and for potential national distribution. The five groups are Lin Broadcasting Corp. (Kirkland, Wash.), Malrite Communications Group Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio), Pappas Telecasting Companies (Visalia, Calif.), Providence Journal Broadcasting, including King Broadcasting (Providence, R.I.) and River City Broadcasting (St. Louis, Mo.).
 Lambert stated, "This new enterprise allows the station groups a vested interest in their future, new revenue streams and less dependence on other program suppliers. It also offers independent producers a new source of program financing and a significant new outlet for their product at a time when other options available to them are decreasing."
 PSN will serve as a cost-effective testing ground for new shows. Before making a full season commitment to production, PSN will conduct short trials on its stations. Promising shows can then be rolled out to a broader national audience. PSN plans to test, on-air, three to five new programs over the next two years.
 "While I was at Twentieth Century Fox, we had our greatest success in launching first-run programming when we started programs on one station and rolled them out nationally only if and when they were successful," Lambert explained. "`A Current Affair,' `America's Most Wanted,' `Cops' and `Studs' were all launched this way. Initially, PSN will pursue strip programming and should be among the most active developers of this format in the community."
 "Our traditional suppliers of programming, the networks and studios, have become vertically integrated and are reaching our local viewers directly through cable and other means," explained Gary Chapman, president of Lin Television Group. "PSN gives us an opportunity to control our destiny by creating a proprietary source of quality programming."
 "The economics of doing business with studios and networks has changed dramatically in the last several years," commented John Hayes, vice president/television of Providence Journal Broadcasting. "The studios require longer and longer commitments even for unproven programs and the networks are tightening up on compensation and pre-emptions."
 "PSN provides us with an alternative source of programming, proven on-air, at a time when the control of attractive product has grown increasingly concentrated," said Henry Pappas, president and CEO of Pappas Telecasting Companies and father of the Fox Children's Network. "Two studios control 15 of the top 20 programs in syndication and the number of distributors with a first-run show in the top 20 has been cut in half over the last six years."
 According to Barry Baker, CEO of River City Broadcasting, "With most new television shows, a local station remains exposed to higher license fees in success and crippled time periods in failure. PSN will make program decisions quickly, and, because it is owned by broadcasters, provide the potential for significant equity returns."
 Milt Maltz, chairman and CEO of Malrite Communications Group Inc., stated, "This partnership increases the prospect that fresh creative ideas and new programs will have the opportunity to find their way directly to viewers. Our geographic diversity and our mix of affiliate and independent stations provide access to every daypart and viewer demographic."
 Prior to forming Lambert Television Inc., Lambert was president of Domestic Television for Twentieth Century Fox and responsible for development, production and distribution from 1985 to 1992. Before joining Fox, he was senior vice president, HBO Enterprises, where he was responsible for international co-production and the start-up of HBO Video. He previously served as senior vice president, Viacom Enterprises and vice president programming, Petry Television.
 PSN is headquartered in Beverly Hills, Calif., and maintains offices at 1999 Avenue of the Stars, 5th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067. Telephone: 310-551-4060.
 Station List
 The Partner Stations:
 Lin Broadcasting Corp.
 KXAN Austin, Texas NBC
 KXAS Dallas/Fort Worth NBC
 WANE Fort Wayne, Ind. CBS
 WOOD Grand Rapids, Mich. NBC
 WISH Indianapolis CBS
 WAVY Portsmith, Va. NBC
 WAND Springfield/Decatur, Ill. ABC
 Malrite Communications Group Inc.
 WXIX Cincinnati FOX
 WOIO Cleveland FOX
 WLII San Juan, Puerto Rico IND
 WFLX West Palm Beach, Fla. FOX
 Pappas Telecasting Companies
 KMPH Fresno/Visalia, Calif. FOX
 KPTM Omaha, Neb. FOX
 Providence Journal Broadcasting
 KAFA Albuquerque, N.M. FOX
 KTVB Boise/Twin Falls, Idaho NBC
 WCNC Charlotte, N.C. NBC
 KHNL Honolulu FOX
 WHAS Louisville, Ken. ABC
 KGW Portland, Ore. NBC
 KING Seattle NBC
 KREM Spokane, Wash. CBS
 KMSB Tucson, Ariz. FOX
 River City Broadcasting
 KDSM Des Moines, Iowa FOX
 WTTV Indianapolis IND
 KABB San Antonio IND
 KDNL St. Louis FOX
 -0- 8/31/93
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 Lin Broadcasting Corp.; Malrite Communications Group Inc.;
 Pappas Telecasting Companies; Providence Journal Broadcasting;
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