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'Outlander' Episode 3 Spoilers: Teaser Trailers Jamie Colum And Claire [Watch Videos].

The teaser trailers of "Outlander" episode 3 have been released. The videos give the viewers a glimpse of what to expect. Claire's relationship deepens with the other characters at the castle. She will get closer to a few and antagonize others.


Spoiler Alert! Read only if you want to learn more about "Outlander" episode 3.


Claire Randall is a 20th century military nurse who has been magically transported back in time to 1740s Scotland. She is now forced to be a guest of the clan leader Colum. Her gift to heal people makes her a valuable asset for the Scottish warriors, but people also suspect her of being a witch.

The friendship between Claire and Jamie deepens. She may be jealous when she sees Jamie kiss another girl. She often visits him to help him with his injury. Readers who have been following the series will remember that Jamie was wounded in the first episode of "Outlander."

Jamie talks about not showing his disfigured back to other people in the promo video. The promo video is titled "Pitiful." Will Claire feel pity for the kindhearted Jamie? Even though she has a growing friendship with the character, she is trying hard to get away from the castle to find a way back to the 20th century.

The next episode of "Outlander" may also feature a flashback scene involving Claire and her husband. The scene shows Claire leaving on a train to the frontlines of the battlefield while her husband stays back. Her husband is reluctant to see her go, but Claire reminds him that it is the 20th century and women play a bigger role in society.

Viewers will also see a more aggressive side of the generally soft spoken Colum. When a tailor makes a coat longer than the knees, Colum feels insulted. He does not wish to hide his disease and wants a regular coat. He threatens the tailor with a knife and asks him to make a regular-sized coat in a day.

Claire is seen watching in shock as Colum threatens the tailor. In a moment of vulnerability, she also confesses that she has traveled back in time to Mrs. Fitz. Her confession may brand her to be a witch and Dougal will tell her as much about his suspicions in "Outlander" episode 3.

(Credit: YouTube/( Starz )

(Credit: YouTube/( Starz )

(Credit: YouTube/( Starz )

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