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Let's get one thing straight. Defeat today is not an option. I've had my fill of glorious failure, so we must qualify for the 2008 Euro finals and we must win at Hampden.

We will scrape through by a single goal from a set-piece with the ball ricocheting off shins, backs and bums. Who cares how the ball ends up in Buffon's net just as long as we can shout "on yer Vespa, Roberto" at Italy coach Donadoni at full-time.

Scoreline: Us 1, Them 0.


If ever there was a day to allow the heart to rule the head then this is surely it my hairy-assed friends.

Scotland will win if for no other reason than they DESERVE to win.

I back James McFadden to bag the winner and cement the greatest day in living memory - hardly any of which we'll be able to remember by tomorrow night.

Scoreline: Scotland 1, Italy 0.


I had a dream last night that I was eating Tobelrone while dancing a Viennese Waltz and that can only mean one thing.

I'm going for a Faddy goal in the 17th minute.

Scoreline: Scotland 1, Italy 0.


This will be the triumph that puts Alex McLeish back on the pedestal he deserves to occupy after being under-appreciated by some Rangers fans who didn't know what they had when he was at Ibrox.

Scoreline: Scotland 1, Italy 0.


Now's the day and now's the hour, Scotland dreams will surely flower. An early goal then watch them cower, onwards to victory.

(Gaz actually talks like this - Ed).

Scoreline: Scotland 1, Italy 0.


The worst thing about today will be sitting beside Keith Jackson with him holding my arm in desperation and saying over and over again: "Wee man, I can't take this."

There is nothing I want more in this world than to see my country win and get to the finals of the European Championships. But while I don't think we'll lose, I don't think we'll win either. I hope I'm wrong again.

But I still believe Ukraine can beat France.

Scoreline: Scotland 1, Italy 1 (dodgy goal we can moan about).


My heart says big Davie Weir will pop up in the penalty box to score a dramatic late winner but my head tells me it will be another case of so near, yet so far.

Sadly, I think the Italians will get the draw they are looking for and then, to rub salt in our wounds, France will score a last-minute winner in Ukraine next midweek.

Scoreline: Scotland 1, Italy 1.


I reckon it will be a heroic effort but just not quite enough to overcome a team who are masters at getting the required result.

I fear we will need to rely on Ukraine doing us a massive favour against France on Wednesday.

Scoreline: Scotland 1, Italy 1


As exclusively revealed by psychic Maura, Faddy is going to be the hero. Far be it for me to argue with the spirit world. C'mon Scotland.

Get intae them.

Scoreline: Scotland 1, Italy 0.


I can see this turning into another glorious failure and the game being a boring 0-0 draw.

It's been a great campaign but I just can't see Scotland finishing it off.

Scoreline: Scotland 0, Italy 0. (Chris is from England and knows nothing - Ed).
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 17, 2007
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