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'No audit of audit doctrine turns AGPR into hub of corruption.

ISLAMABAD -- AGPR officers have established state within state where heinous corruption is order of the day and high ups return homes in the evening with bulging pockets.

According to an estimate AGPR staffers grab Rs 50 billion in the name of commission which finds its way to all the officers and subordinate staffers pockets having nexus with corrupt mafia.

These corrupt highs and lows are owning large sized properties in major cities across the country and NAB , IB, FIA and Police cannot dare to lay hands on them despite being aware of such widespread corruption.

The investigation reveals that over 70000 government employees working in different departments and ministries are left at the mercy of corrupt staffers of AGPR in terms of their salaries, pension and GP Fund. The cheques in respect of approved development funds, maintenance funds and bills on purchases are issued from AGPR. The doctrine of one percent commission works here for issuance of cheques. Fake bills and major cheques are subjected to hefty deals otherwise the files disappear all of a sudden from computer system and later they come out of drawers of accounts officer or staff members after a deal is struck.

Notorious Khan group known as Qabza group comprising five to six junior officers has encroached upon Islamabad office since long. If some one out of them is shifted to some other seat he returns to his old post after a week or ten days.

The formula of absence from office or disappearance from seat is practiced for executing any deal. The applicant due to long absence of the corrupt staffers from their seat is forced to grease their palms to get clear their files.

AGPR sources said an Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO) is so much powerful that he soon becomes blue eyed boy of every incoming Accountant General of Pakistan Revenue (AGPR) by offering his personal services to him.

The clever tactics pursued by this AAO is that he arranges official residence for every newly appointed Accountant General and later arranges decoration of the mansion according to sweet will of Sahb. This way the 'Sahb' and family members are impressed by him and become convinced of his dormant abilities.

The sources said the mega corruption takes place in the month of June when loot sale is unleashed. The accounts officers of different departments are forced to grease the palms of AGPR staffers in the name of honorarium to get clean chit in respect of their files. This all happen publicly.

Sources said that corruption graph ascends to peaks in respect of bills of two departments and bundles upon bundles bills are passed.

Several AGPR staffers have set up their own companies and they supply stationery, furniture, computers and other goods to different departments. They pocket robust amount by passing fake bills.

Ambiguity in law is real power of these staffers. No counter check can be carried out in the form of objection against any bill. File comes from high to low and the respective department or applicant is forced to fill the pockets of AGPR staffers otherwise the file stands stuck up. Accounts section of every department commits corruption to pay commission to AGPR.

This ridiculous situation has come to light in consequence of investigation that thief and sepoy are not different characters but they are one. Audit and accounts group virtually is one entity. If one officer commits corruption during his tenure he is later appointed against audit post where he clears his file on his own.

Sources disclosed that all the departments have become hostage in the hands of AGPR.

' Why audit department has become hub of corruption because there is no audit of audit', said a government employee rolling his harassed eyes to the building of AGPR.
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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
Date:Sep 30, 2018
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