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'No Real Evidence Of Organized Recovery Or Relief In the Philippines' - CNN Reporter.

CNN News Reporter Anderson Cooper tweeted Tuesday that no evidence of relief and rescue efforts can be seen in the storm-ravaged city of Tacloban in the Central Philippines after it was hit by super typhoon Haiyan.

Tweeting under his Anderson Cooper 360 account, Cooper wrote to CNN newsroom host Andrew Stevens, "There's no real evidence of organized recovery or relief."

"There is no real evidence of organized recovery or relief" ( @andrewcnn on frustration in ( #tacloban . ( #AC360

- Anderson Cooper 360[degrees] (@AC360) ( November 13, 2013

Cooper, who is currently reporting from Tacloban City, tweeted minutes later that what the people on the ground is a "demolition, not a construction job."

"It is demolition, not a construction job here" ( @npwcnn on ( #Tacloban relief. ( #AC360 - Anderson Cooper 360[degrees] (@AC360) ( November 13, 2013

It is the fifth day Wednesday after Tacloban and other parts of the Philippines were hit by the super typhoon. Many survivors are asking for basic supplies, sources said. Cooper also tweeted, "I have not seen a large Philippine military presence out around here" and that 'the search and rescue never materialized.'"

"I have not seen a large Philippine military presence out around here" ( @andersoncooper in ( #Tacloban . ( #AC360

- Anderson Cooper 360[degrees] (@AC360) ( November 13, 2013

Filipinos outside of the affected areas are reportedly "disgusted" by the lack of action of the Philippine government. ( ) Janneke Agustin , a creative and managing director for a non-government organization in the Philippines, posted on social networking site Facebook, "Stop giving to the government. Give your relief goods, contributions and donations directly to the people." Agustin wrote her post when news of ( humanitarian aid coming from the international community are to arrive in the Philippines .

Many Filipino social media users are now using their accounts to help direct people to agencies gathering donations for their fellow Filipinos in the affected areas, sources claimed.

Cooper wrote on ( CNN 's Web site, "Help cannot reach the city fast enough" later noting that supplies from the U.S. has already arrived five days after Haiyan made landfall in the Philippines.
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Date:Nov 13, 2013
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