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'NYT Magazine' Interviews the 'Anti-Bono' This Sunday.

In the upcoming New York Times Magazine, Deborah Solomon talks with economist Dambisa Moyo about why she believes we should stop sending aid to Africa, why no one feels sorry for the Chinese, and the trouble with relying on celebrities. "Sometimes the most generous thing you can do," she says, "is just say no."

Here's an excerpt, in which Solomon is asked about the U2 frontman, who divides much of his time between working with the band and campaigning on behalf of the world's poorest countries, including Africa.

What do you think of him?"I'll make a general comment about this whole dependence on 'celebrities.' I object to this situation as it is right now where they have inadvertently or manipulatively become the spokespeople for the African continent."

Check out the full interview this Sunday.

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Title Annotation:New York Times Magazine; Dambisa Moyo
Author:Strupp, Joe
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Date:Feb 18, 2009
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