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'Meethi Eid' brings roaring business for 'Sweet shops ' in country.

ISLAMABAD: With the festive season is approaching fast, 'Meethi' Eid gives best opportunity to the sweet sellers across the country to earn good business, as bakeries and sweet shop owners are witnessing sharp increases in sales.

The sweets and vermicelli business in country has been delivering great savory experiences to citizens and visitors alike with a large number of consumers purchasing top quality sweets and delicacies for their loved ones in coming Eid Ul Fiter celebrations.

According to Sellers, Eid is not ahead less then a week and apart from new clothes and other home accessories, food items especially sweet stuff such as cakes and sweets are also in high demand during Eid days as people buy these as special gifts for their loved ones.

Our business has increased by 80 to 100 percent with citizens buying large quantities of sweets for celebrations at home and as gifts for others, retailers in Bakery as well as Online sellers claimed.

A local Bakery worker said, the festival of Eid attracted large number of customers who bought sweets to take as a gift for their family and friends.

"Our Bakery around have recorded a 70 percent increase in sales as we cater a large number of clients including five-star hotels, communication companies and banks who have booked their orders in advance," he added.

Another Bakery owner said, non Muslims too have been buying sweets as gifts for Muslim colleagues and friends.

"We have found some of the delicious and mouth-watering cakes options which you can gift to your loved ones and can enjoy eating with family and friends", said Hanan Umair a Sweet Bakery shop owner.

A women customer in a Sweet shop commented that sweets are an integral means of spreading joy and happiness since ancient times especially during special festivals.

"I have bought 20 packs of vermicelli for Eid. I will send Eid gifts to my daughters including vermicelli as it is an old custom of our society," said a female buyer.

A small factory worker at manufacturing vermicelli station said, making vermicelli for Eid started early Ramzan as most people like to have vermicelli at sehri as well, he added.

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Publication:Daily the Pak Banker (Lahore, Pakistan)
Date:May 31, 2019
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