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'Medds' for Michael...

MICHAEL'S vitamin/supplement routine: 1 Beneflora 10g x seven sachets, monthly.

2 Mangosteen 500mg, one three times daily.

3 CoEnzyme Q-10 30mg, one three times daily.

4 Odourless Garlic 1,000mg, one daily. 5 Vitamin B6 100mg, one daily.

6 L-Glutamine 500mg, one daily 7 Omega 3 Fish Oil 1,000mg, one daily. 8 Vitamin C 1,000mg + bioflavonoids, one daily.

9 Green Tea Extract 350mg, one daily. 10 Beta Carotene 15mg, one daily. 1 Gojii Berry 750mg, one daily. 12 Cranberry 5,000mg, one daily. 13 Blue Green Algae 500mg, one three times daily.

14 Pomegranite 250mg, one twice daily.

15 Bilberry Extract 400mg, one twice daily.

16 Elderberry 300mg, one daily. 17 Artichoke 10,000mg, one daily 18 Acai 1,500mg, one daily.

19 Herbal Tea with Milk Thistle (Essiac), twice daily.


I TAKE IT ALL: Michael Medd and his remedies
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:May 14, 2011
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