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'Man Of Steel' Alter Ego: Meet The Red Son Superman, Spoilers.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster's original comic super hero icon "( Superman " gets a different alter ego twist. Author Mark Millar gave life to a new character of "Red Son Superman" that came from his idea of, "what if Superman had been raised in the Soviet Union?"

Mark Millar was fascinated by the idea of a different "Superman" when he was only six years old. As he grew up, he was able to complete together all the pieces of the story. Eventually, he succeeded in passing on the "Red Son Superman" story to( DC Comics .

"( Superman: Red Son " is a three-issue comic mini-series published by DC comics. It was released in the already existing DC premise "Elseworlds". Having "Elseworlds", which is an alternate universe around in the DC comic world, it wasn't so hard to inject a different "Superman" to existence.

Not only "Superman" had a different take in the story, but a few prominent "Justice League" members as well.

To start off with the story, Superman's rocket ship landed in a Ukrainian collective farm. Just like the Kent couple in the original story, two farmers who found him, raised him into a good man who is loyal to the cause of communism. When he started to make it to the ranks of Stalin's Army, he was immediately favored and praised by his fellow comrades. Stalin even went on as to adopt Superman as his successor to lead the Soviet Union to triumph and domination worldwide.

Along the way, he has also met the other superheroes. "Superman" met "( Wonder Woman " during the grand celebration for his official take-over as Leader of the Soviet nation. They quickly became allies and both worked together for the good.

"( Batman " also appears with a short existence in the story. Very characteristic of the Dark Knight, he opposed and almost defeated Superman in an exciting strategic fight.

"( Green Lantern " makes a cameo as he led a group of other ring-bearers to stop Superman in the latter part of the story.

"Lois Lane" is also present in the story. She was married to "Lex Luthor", but somehow has a romantic interest to "Superman". Their love story didn't develop as much and lasted unrequitedly.

Superman's arch nemesis, "Lex Luthor", was depicted as the Scientist Leader for "S.T.A.R." labs. With his genius tactics and ways, he is primed to oppose the overwhelming powers of Superman.

Red Son Superman in this story takes on many challenges of dominating and balancing the world. Will he know his true self? Will he find rationality for his actions? And will he rather choose to defeat Lex Luthor, or sacrifice himself for a "perfect" and crimeless world?
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Date:Apr 13, 2014
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