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'League Of Legends' Teamfight Tactics: Best Tips For Patch 9.14.

Riot Games has introduced some new changes to the Teamfight Tactics game mode in "League of Legends." The changes have allowed some specific origin types to be easier. Here are some teams and strategies to consider in Teamfight Tactics in Patch 9.14.

As seen on the ( official "League of Legends" site , many changes have been pushed out on every unit, item, and origin bonuses found in Teamfight Tactics. With new changes comes new tactics as all players adapt to it. Players on the "League of Legends" are already discussing what they could do in the new update.

Pirates and Demons

If going for origin bonuses or the character set bonuses, aiming to complete a Pirate and Demon set is much easier this patch 9.14. The Pirate set has received the first new character for the game mode namely the Pirate/Sorcerer champion, Twisted Fate.

Much like Summoner's Rift counterpart,( Twisted Fate still uses throwing magical cards to fight but only retained his Pick A Card skill for this game mode. When placed on the field, Twisted Fate brings some unreliable but potent utility to your team and can be collected early due to being a 2-cost unit.

Meanwhile, the Demon set has got its unit set complete from 1-cost to 5-cost due to the recent changes. The Demon/Shapeshifter unit Elise is now a 1-cost unit but has received some nerfs with her ability to match with the change.

While her Spiderling spawns have been reduced, these little summons can also use the Demon passive bonus which allow these units to burn mana and prevent enemies from using their spells.

New Gunslinger and Runaan's Hurricane Item

In the previous patch, many gunslingers felt like they had fast attack speed due to their set bonus passive. If many Gunslinger units are in your team, they could attack up to two to four targets at the same time and make the unit's animation try to process all the attacks at once.

However, the new Gunslinger passive only works like a Runaan's Hurricane which allow its attacks to hit two other units. Potentially, this unit set could allow players to clear groups of fragile units faster due to the increased damage.

Meanwhile, the Runaan's Hurricane item has been tweaked to only add one extra attack to the unit and lowered the bolt's damage to a quarter of the champion's normal damage. It's now more of a utility item as it could also apply on-hit effects which are great for units like Ashe if her Glacial stun passive is available.

Next Patch

We've yet to see if this patch will do well for Teamfight Tactics at the moment. We'll have to wait until ( Patch 9.15 , scheduled for release on July 31, for more potential changes on the game soon.

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Date:Jul 20, 2019
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