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'Juan de la Cruz, Espiritu de Llama': Estudios con ocasion del cuarto centenario de su muerte, 1591-1991.

The quatercentennial celebrations of the death of St John of the Cross in 1991 have already given rise to large number of publications. This volume is one of the more substantial, both in length and content. Most of the contributors are Carmelite scholars, so that the work is in many ways a testimonial to St John's remarkable achievements in poetry and theology from his own spiritual sons and daughters. Most of the forty-five studies are in Spanish, but French, German, Italian, and English are also represented.

Inevitably with a collection of this size the quality is variable, but the editor has helpfully ordered the contributions in a way which makes it easy for particular areas of interest to be located. It begins with biographical and historical studies, concerned largely with the youth, education, and vocation of San Juan. These are followed by others which deal with textual and literary issues, and the volume concludes with studies based on a wide variety of theological questions (the longest of the three sections).

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Author:Thompson, Colin P.
Publication:The Journal of Theological Studies
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Apr 1, 1994
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