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 LOS ANGELES, Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- "Journey to Technopia," the motion simulation film produced by the Marina Del Rey-based Boss Film Studios, has been acclaimed by the media and public as the top attraction at Expo '93 in Taejon, South Korea. An international version will soon be released, officials have confirmed.
 Lucky Goldstar Corp., Korea's third-largest conglomerate, chose Boss Film Studios, to produce, write and direct the 4 1/2 minute special venue film as the corporate centerpiece of their pavilion. During the three-months of the Expo (which closed Nov. 7), the attraction drew a theatre-capacity crowd of 1 million spectators and will now become a permanent part of the site's Science Park, which will re-open in the spring of 1994. Visitors lined up by the thousands for 5-6 hours to experience the action adventure film.
 "Journey to Technopia" is an exciting visual experience with the theme of a technological utopia of the future, according to Richard Edlund, a four-time Academy Award-winning filmmaker and chairman of Boss Film Studios who spearheaded the creative team which produced the film during a nine-month time period at a cost of $3.8 million.
 Complete with pre-show and waiting station videos, "Journey to Technopia" features live action characters, state-of-the-art digital visuals and computer animation plus an omnipotent evil overlord character. "The audience is recruited to accompany a mission to save Technopia from some evil invaders," Edlund states. "They experience a flight through time and space including a spirited battle sequence inside Technopia's central computer system."
 "Journey to Technopia" features stunning "sim-film" technology. Iwerks Turbo-Tour motion based seats are synchronized with the action projected on screens three-stories high while six-track Dolby stereo surround sound envelopes the audience.
 "The film reflects the entire range of our studio's capabilities," says Edlund. "This includes motion-control photography of models and miniatures, computer-generated animation and live action elements. Imagery from these varied sources have been digitally composited to create a highly sophisticated 70mm film."
 "Journey to Technopia" was directed by Sean Phillips, who has worked extensively in the 70mm format including the hit IMAX film "Ring of Fire." Co-producers were Charlotte Huggins and Kim Nelson, while Tracy Hauser served as live action producer.
 A key tool used to create "Journey to Technopia" was Boss' IBM Power Visualization System (PVS), a supercomputer designed for high-speed rendering and visualization of digital images. "PVS is the most advanced digital system in use today," notes Edlund. "It is truly vanguard technology. With our 40 CGI workstations, Boss Film Studios has the ability to create special effects that will take us to the next digital realm at a fraction of the cost of productions several years ago."
 As one of the largest visual effects studios in Hollywood, 10-year-old Boss Film studios has provided visual effects for more than 30 feature films including "Cliffhanger," "Last Action Hero," "Batman Returns," "Alien 3," "Ghost," "Die Hard" and "Ghostbusters." The television advertising division of Boss Film has produced commercials for DHL, the MGM Grand Hotel, Magnavox, United Airlines, Chevy trucks and the Budweiser "Bud Bowl" III and VI campaigns.
 Edlund has been creating the impossible ever since he worked his magic as visual effects director for "Star Wars," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi."
 Boss Film Studios employs 150 people and is housed in a 60,000-square-foot facility in Marina del Rey.
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