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'Is Your Client a Martha Stewart?' TransMedia Group Asks Attorneys In 2002 Bar Association Directory.

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- Further evidence has surfaced that Martha Stewart has become synonymous with poor PR.

For Martha, it will be embarrassingly apparent in a media campaign aimed at attorneys scheduled for launch in early September, according to The TransMedia Group, one of Florida's largest independent public relations firms.

TransMedia said the campaign kicks off with an ad scheduled to run in The Palm Beach County Bar Association's Annual Membership Directory, which asks attorneys: "Is your client a Martha Stewart?"

The ad reminds attorneys that TransMedia provides services such as "Crisis Management and Media Training," besides national and local publicity. The directory will be mailed to 2,400 attorneys who are members of the County's Bar Association.

"Poor Martha has stirred up a salad of just about everything you shouldn't do in a crisis," said TransMedia Chairman Thomas J. Madden, who is also the author of "Spin Man." Madden, who has media trained top executives at numerous Fortune 500 companies, said Martha needs to put down the eggbeater and start dealing with her crisis.

"Until she gets cooking on the one dish in which everyone's interested, her image is just going to boil away to nothing on the front burner, perhaps causing irreparable harm to her company. After Enron and WorldCom, Madden said, "the public is in a nasty mood, especially with people who come off haughty and snobbish, whether they're guilty or not.

"I would counsel Martha that the next time she looks at a camera to answer a question about alleged insider trading, she should think of her favorite dish so her expression would be friendlier and more believable."

Established in 1981, TransMedia serves clients worldwide from its headquarters in Boca Raton.


Contact: Mark Hopkinson of The TransMedia Group, +1-561-750-9800, ext. 15, or

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Date:Jul 8, 2002
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