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'Investigations can be improved by forensic technology'.

ISLAMABAD -- Forensic science and training police officials to manage crime scenes is vital to ensuring quality investigations and resolving cases immediately on merit, the chief of Islamabad's police said on Friday.

Addressing officials of the homicide unit who participated in a training course, Inspector General of Islamabad Police (IGP) Dr Sultan Azam Temuri said: 'We are very lucky to have such modern investigation facilities in Islamabad, and the quality of investigation can be improved through command over forensic technology.'

He said it was crucial for police officials to have the skills to collect and secure evidence after visiting a crime scene. The standard of investigation could be improved by adopting modern techniques, and a school of investigation is also being established for the Islamabad police, he said.

The IGP also told the director general of the National Forensic Science Agency (NFSA), which ran the course, to continue courses to train all Islamabad police investigation officers after training the homicide unit.

NFSA Director General Saqib Sultan said officials were trained during the course to protect evidence after collecting it from a crime scene, as well as collecting DNA, fingerprints, signatures and so on.

The NFSA was set up in the capital in 2002, and officials of various departments have been trained there during the last year. The IGP also distributed certificates among police investigation officers who attended the course.

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Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
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Date:Jan 27, 2018
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