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'In the Philippines, you're the boss'.

Byline: Susan K

These are the exact words Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz cheerfully stated on why the Aquino administration keeps on encouraging our kababayan to return home to the Philippines, especially since most of them are professionals such as teachers and that there are jobs waiting for them in the country.

The Professional Regulations Commission brought its licensing examination overseas so our kababayan could secure or renew their licenses, so they could return or apply their profession abroad.

If ever they won't decide to return in the country, they can be promoted on a higherlevel position, which means higher income.

Baldoz was particularly addressing this appeal to women especially to mothers.

According to her, for overseas Filipino teachers, they can return in the country because under the K12 program of the Department of Education, there are job opportunities that are waiting for them until the year 2016.

Even though the salary being offered is not that huge compared with other professions, it is competitive enough compared with domestic helpers' salaries

To be together with the family is a much greater bonus.

Baldoz also added that, you will be called "ma'am" in the country and the one who will call your employer "ma'am."

She echoed her appeal to our professionals overseas especially to our teachers, to consider returning home and availing of job opportunities offered in the country.

No show again?

Lawyer Dennis Gorecho wrote Bantay OCW:

ANGKLA partylist again failed to participate in the grand parade of the 19th National Seafarers Day (NSD) on Sept. 28, the second year in a row after it got elected as the partylist representative by the sector who is being given tribute in this celebration.

The yellow shirts, flags or banners of ANGKLA are nowhere to be found during the activities of the 19th NSD with this year's theme as "Marinong Pilipino: Haligi ng Pagbabago."

ANGKLA joined the parade in 2012, the year before the May 2013 elections presumably as part of its campaign to get the votes of the Pinoy seafarers.

After it won, ANGKLA has been a noshow in the NSD, in 2013 and this year. The NSD is celebrated every last Sunday of September to give due recognition to the vital role of Filipino seafarers toward the development of the Philippines as a maritime country.

I bet ANGKLA's yellow colors will appear again next year since that will be the preelection NSD to show its force. Although present in the ranks is a manning agency identified with ANGKLA.

This year's NSD grand parade from Rajah Sulayman park in Malate to Ninoy Aquino Stadium was participated in by more than 4,000 stakeholders.

"Let the Pinoy seafarers themselves be the judge."

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
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Date:Oct 19, 2014
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