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'Idiot was in a hurry and had cocaine in system'.

COLLISION experts, toxicologists and paramedics were among the witnesses who gave evidence in the trial of a man whose dangerous driving caused a fatal head-on smash.

During Dean Collins' weeklong trial at Cardiff Crown Court the jury heard evidence from more than 20 witnesses about the collision that happened on Cardiff's Western Avenue on September 13, 2015. | Witness Hayley Bowgen said she saw a car rocking back and forth at traffic-lights and thought the driver was in a rush. She told the court she thought he was "an idiot".

| Victim Shane Strevins said he suddenly saw a grey car coming towards him in his lane, adding: "I don't remember having any time to react." | Driver Jeffrey Richards stated he saw a dark Ford Focus undertake him near the University Hospital of Wales. He said: "He went whoosh past me."

| Witness Lauren Morgan saw the car "veer" into the opposite lane, adding: "It happened in a split second."

| Driver Abby O'Connor said she saw the defendant lifting a mobile phone to his ear at traffic-lights near The Cathedral School and then go past her at "excessive speed".

| A forensic collision investigator noted a "heavy impact" between Collins' Ford Focus and the Seat Ibiza. He told the court a mobile phone was recovered from the passenger footwell.

| Toxicologist Emily Hollands detected more than 200 microgrammes per litre of cocaine by-product BZE in Collins' blood. The legal limit when driving is 50 mcg per litre.

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 12, 2017
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