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PETER Andre has revealed he did not rule out getting back with Jordan at first - until her shameless antics dashed any reunion hopes.

Peter, 36, hinted she had begged forgiveness after their split and and he may have been ready to patch things up.

But he insisted yesterday: "If you had asked me a while ago if I'd go back then, I would have kept my head low and dodged the question. But now I know I'll never, ever go back.

"I am over it, so, so over it - 100%. I didn't think I'd move on this quickly. I thought it would take years. But I've finally accepted our marriage is over. I've shed my last tear."

In an exclusive, soul-baring interview, he told how his anguish at their break-up had now turned into indifference at Jordan's boozing, flings and bitter jibes at him.

The dad of two said: "In everything there has to be an end point and for me this is it. I've reached it.

"It's been nearly four months but I'm now in the light at the end of the tunnel.

"Nothing about her can shock me any more. Nothing. When I walk down the street I expect someone to tell me something shocking about her or something new she's said or done. Everyone around me is always shocked but I'm not.

"For the first time it doesn't make me mad or upset. It simply washes over me.

"Once it would have hurt me so, so much, but not now. I've never said or felt that before.

"For three months people have seen me crying and hurt and going through all that. I was suffering - down one minute and happy the next. But whatever happens can't hurt me any more.

"Of course it's sad - it's the break-up of a marriage. But I've finally turned the corner and I'm ready to move on with my life."

However, such has been the bitterness surrounding their break-up that they now speak solely through their legal teams.

Peter confirmed: "We haven't been in touch for over three weeks. All our communication now is done through lawyers."

Since they announced the end of their three-and-a-half-year marriage in May, the glamour queen, 31 - real name Katie Price - has given a series of interviews to television and magazines while Peter has tried to keep a dignified silence.

Although he had an ITV2 deal for a show about his new life as a single dad, for the first month after the break-up he was still too devastated to do any filming.

However, in a 90-minute show at 9pm next Monday, Peter Andre: Going It Alone, viewers will see him crack under the strain.

The singer is seen bursting into tears as he, older brother Michael and his manager Claire visit Ikea to buy furniture for his new Brighton home.

Jordan has gone on to flaunt her romances, first with male model Anthony Lowther and then with her current lover, cage fighter Alex Reid, 34.

Her estranged husband is happy to shrug off her flings and said: "I'm not bothered who Kate dates or who she's in a relationship with as long as it doesn't affect my children.

"Unlike Kate, I'm not going to have a divorce party, but good luck to her."

In sharp contrast, however, the devoted dad vowed that for the sake of their children - Junior, four; Princess, two, and Harvey, seven - her son with Dwight Yorke - he will remain single until their divorce is finalised.

He said: "Throughout our marriage I was completely and utterly faithful.

"When we split I promised myself I would remain faithful. I have kept to this celibacy vow and will do so until the day our divorce is made official.

"I think I've proved it to myself and I''m happy. I know I can look back at this in years to come and feel I did the right thing and acted in the right way.

"You've got to think long-term and think of the kids, which is what I've tried to do.

"I don't want them growing up and reading about things I got up to after splitting from their mum." In a thinly-veiled dig at Jordan, he went on: "Unfortunately I cannot control what other people do."

However, Peter's air of calm was tested to the limit after his estranged wife ridiculed him last week for taking Junior and Princess fruit-picking in Worthing, West Sussex.

She sneered on Twitter:"Strawberry picking... what next?" He hit back: "That's offensive. I'm trying not to react to anything she says but I urge anyone to look over the last six series (of their reality shows) spanning five years and see how hands-on I've always been with the kids.

"I've been consistent with all three of them whether there are photographers documenting it or not.

"I'm not going to stop taking the kids to do what they want to do or give them the lifestyle that they deserve.

"We had a great day strawberry picking, although it turned out to be blackberrying as we missed strawberry season.

"I read Princess a bedtime story every night about a strawberry barbecue so it meant a lot to her. These are the things kids love doing.

"It's quite simple - kids need stimulation and need looking after."

But Peter is clearly tiring of having to react to Jordan's barbs. He went on: "I feel I've said all I will say about the situation and I've put the record straight.

"After this I don't want to say any more. I am over talking about her. That's not to say I won't retaliate if provoked. If there's something that comes out that's bad I may have to come out and retaliate to protect myself or my kids.

"I'm a parent and I'm not going to let things be said that will affect my children."

Now he wants to put his sniping ex behind him and focus on his kids and singing.

He is mulling over several TV offers and is thrilled about his revitalised pop career.

He recently signed a pounds 1million deal with independent label Conehead and his album, Revelation, is out next month. Meanwhile, comeback single Behind Closed Doors - out this week and available to download now - is tipped for a top three chart position. And he has just returned from Ayia Napa in Cyprus where he performed a live acoustic set for Radio 1.

He said: "For the first time in my career I'm proud of my music and of this album.

"Natalie Imbruglia and Alesha Dixon have listened to it and congratulated me. Stuff like that means a lot.

"I'm looking forward in every way. I want my kids to have a happy life with a mum and dad who love them. I look forward now and can see all these things in my life that I could never see before. Finally, I'm happy."

The 4-month war of words

May 10

Katie: You're an old f****** singer no one knows about.

July 4

Pete: I'm not going to lie. It's been the worst two or three months of my life.

August 1

Katie: I like a man with a talent. They have to have some kind of drive. It's very unattractive for a man to be none of those things.

August 4

Pete: Katie has been putting me down for five-and ahalf years and it's a shame she doesn't see fit to stop it now we're not even together. I loved Katie Price but she left the building a long time go.


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Date:Aug 12, 2009
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