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'I was too nice to my rent boys'.

Byline: Alan Selby

DISGRACED former Methodist minister Paul Flowers claims he is too generous to rent boys - often paying them hundreds of pounds at a time.

And the former Co-op Bank chief said he had found love for the first time with a 25-year-old man.

On how many escorts he had used, he said: "It would be almost salacious of me to put a number on it.

"Just say I have over the years at points where I often spent three or four nights a week at a particular hotel in Manchester often sought comfort and solace."

Flowers, 65, said he often ends up "counselling" the escorts. And he insisted he had a reputation with them as "a very kind person".

He admitted soliciting at least 10 male prostitutes but hinted there were more.

Flowers felt his Christian beliefs have influenced the way he talks to escorts.

In bizarre comments, he has compared himself to Jesus, just days after a drugfuelled orgy.

Last week he was revealed to have taken cocaine and ketamine at a sex party. Yet in a rambling interview he said he lives his life by the mantra: "What would Jesus do?" He insisted he was "somebody who tries to be a decent Christian person", despite being branded the Crystal Methodist when he was filmed buying cocaine and crystal meth in 2013.

Following the latest revelations, Flowers is set to lose his minister post, which he kept despite a 2014 drugs conviction.


SHAMED: Flowers

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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Mar 20, 2016
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