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'I should have patented my banana porridge'.

GORDON Strachan reckons his banana porridge speciality could have made him a very rich man.

As a player, Strachan was on a health kick long before most of the rest of the game caught up.

He was eating porridge, bananas and swallowing seaweed tablets when others were still eating bacon sandwiches.

Strachan said: "I was in a posh restaurant in Glasgow recently and I saw that banana porridge was on the menu.

"I should have taken out a patent on it! "I got the idea a long time ago.

"We had diets when I was a player at Aberdeen, but nothing like today.

"I wanted to be a good professional, I wanted to do the right things and eat the right things and that's when I read about tennis players eating bananas.

"So I just took it up from there., "It's all about taking carbohydrates and getting quick bursts of energy.

"I got into it quite deeply and spoke to a couple of experts.

"After that I took up with porridge and then seaweed.

"It just built up over the years. "But it wasn't just the food. I used to work hard at the same time."

Strachan also adopted acupressure as part of his specialized pre-match warm-ups.

Acupressure is a blend of acupuncture and pressure, and involves applying physical pressure by hand to the acupuncture points on the body.

When Strachan first adopted acupressure he was a player at Leeds.

It was something completely new and open to ridicule from some of his team-mates.

So Strachan had to disappear to the toilet before games to carry out the acupressure.

He said: "I started going to the toilet to do it, but then the lads caught me!

"After that it caught on. Lads like Gary Speed, Lee Chapman and Chris Fairclough started to do it."

As a manager Strachan has always been keen to see his players eat the right foodstuffs, though football has by and large caught up with him now.

He said: "When I came to Middlesbrough it was clear that the diets of the players were fine.

"The main thing I had to concentrate on was who was fit and who wasn't.

"I've read that I've come in here and made the players work flat out morning and afternoon.

"I find it strange. I've not done anything that's never been done before.

"The players have worked hard so in that respect it's not been a problem."


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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
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Date:Apr 14, 2010
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