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'I live my life by the moon' Writer Samantha Brick, 43, believes the phases of the moon can affect everything from her relationship to her beauty regime. Here she explains why.

In 2009 I was at my local vet's in a rural practice. Between us on the table was Ambrose, my large, seven-stone Old English Sheepdog, who had been suffering from epilepsy for the last two years. I was worried out of my mind because the fits seemed to be getting worse. Either his medication wasn't working, or my dog had got used to the dosage and it was no longer effective.

It was then that the vet said something that would change the way I lived my life forever: 'Have you kept a note of the dates when Ambrose has fits?' I had. He took the calendar - which also had the moon cycles on it - from me and pointed out that he'd had more fits around the time of the full moon. He went on to say, 'We'll up his medication four days before each full moon to see if that reduces them.' Amazing results I was astonished to discover it worked. The fits lessened in their intensity. The medical advice, not based on expensive blood work or complicated lab tests, but instead on the celestial skies, was a success. For the rest of his life, Ambrose stayed on the higher rate of anti-epilepsy drugs for four days before and four days after the full moon lit up the night sky.

It was hard to fathom that someone as science-orientated as a vet would prescribe such alternative guidance. Yet I've since discovered that to live your life according to the lunar cycle is as commonplace as drinking herbal teas or using homeopathic remedies; everyone knows someone who swears by it.

There are already thousands of websites that give guidance on the best things to do on specific days in accordance with 'lunar living'.

'I eat when moon it's the part of cycle lose That's why, when it came to planting a veggie garden in my French home, I opted to follow the moon - radishes, melons and cucumbers should be planted according to the lunar cycle. Broadly speaking, when the moon is waxing, or getting bigger, I put in things that grow above the ground. The lunar pull on the plants helps them grow and gives them a boost. So tomatoes, salad leaves and runner beans all go in during that period. When the moon is waning, or getting smaller, everything that grows into the ground - onions, potatoes, carrots - is planted. The soil is warmer then, too. The results are indisputable - everything grows bigger and more quickly than before.

less the wanes; best the For me, something just clicked. I began to read more about how living according to the moon could help me in my everyday life. As new moons and full moons are two weeks apart, I've even discovered my relationship will ebb and flow during this time. During the first quarter of the moon is the ideal time to discuss anything that's niggling me with my other half. Talking about important issues around the full moon is out of the question weight' because things can get heated very quickly. Nowadays I'm forever warning friends on social media to avoid the temptation to have any big talks around this time. The feedback I've had from them is phenomenal - it works!

It might sound daft, but since following this lifestyle I've noticed that I'm very sensitive to the moonlight, too. When it's full, it's rare I sleep straight through the night. Which probably explains why I also feel sexier at that time. I have girlfriends who won't go on a first date around a full moon in case they end up getting pregnant!

The phase just after the full moon, when things are more on an even keel, is when we go out as a couple. When it's waning, we'll stay in and cocoon.

I also check what phase the moon is in before I embark on my beauty regime. I go to the hairdresser to have a trim around a full moon, as hair will grow back quicker and thicker. It's only since following this notion that my hair is now growing past my shoulders. It hasn't done this for over a decade. It's also for that reason that I'll never pluck my eyebrows or shave my legs at this part of the lunar cycle - the hair grows back far too quickly.

A real convert When it comes to my body I'm just as mindful. I apply facemasks during the waxing period, when the skin absorbs the treatment much more efficiently. When it wanes, I'll eat less; the body eliminates toxins more quickly during this part of the cycle. This is based on the theory that things drain or go downwards when the moon is waning. It's also the best part of the cycle to lose weight. I'll drink natural teas such as dandelion to help the process along. Likewise, I use a body brush when I'm in the shower too.

When it comes to my work I use the same approach. On my wall next to my desk is a list of goals. I write them out on each new moon. It's the start of a new cycle and anything can, and does, happen. At a full moon is when my energy is at its most powerful. I'm focussed and determined too. It's when I'll pitch ideas and communicate best with the outside world. I pitched my first book on a full moon. It didn't surprise me that, days later, an offer came in while the moon was still shining brightly in the sky.

I always avoid meetings during the waning moon. I lost a TV appearance once because, against my better instincts, I went along for the meeting during this phase. It was a disaster. I couldn't string a sentence together. I know now it was because the lunar energy was decreasing.

People might think I've lost my marbles but I'm a total convert to this way of living. There's no dodgy quackery involved and neither does it cost a fortune. It's simply following the ordinary habits of Mother Nature. What could be more natural than that?

WHAT IS LUNAR LIVING? Ordinary folk typically concern themselves with week days and weekends. Lunar believers like me reckon, just like the Ancient Greeks and Romans did, that a month is divided into four seven-day quarters, depending on whether the moon is new, waxing, full, or waning. It is the gravitational pull of the moon, which changes as it waxes and wanes, which influences all life on earth. Just as the tides are influenced by the moon, so are we humans, who are made up of 60% water (this has nothing to do with astrology, however).

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO WHEN ? During the first quarter of the moon is the ideal time to discuss relationship issues because you will have a clearer mind. Avoid talking about important topics around a full moon as things can get out of hand very quickly.

Eat less when the moon is waning as your body will eliminate toxins more quickly and you'll lose weight more efficiently.

Get your hair cut during a full moon as it will grow back thicker and fuller.

'I eat less when the moon wanes; it's the best part of the cycle to lose weight'


Samantha with the dog who changed her life
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