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'I had the baby of an evil killer inside me.. . I just wanted to get rid of it' 'I CAN'T FORGET'.

TERRIFIED Sarah Jane revealed how killer Nash had the cheek to write to her from prison.

"It was as if he'd broken something precious of mine, like a bit of china. He just said sorry, he didn't mean it. He's cold and void of feelings, yet he showed no sign of it that night.

"It was as if he'd being doing a performance of a nice person, and that's the kind of behaviour I associate with the devil," she slammed.

Sarah Jane said she couldn't believe it recently when she read that he had applied to be transferred to an English prison.

"Although he's in prison I'm still scared and the news about him asking to be transferred to England has stirred up frightening feelings that he will be released early - he was jailed for life.

"It is difficult to forget about him when I keep hearing about him.

"I have no feelings for him now. I really fell for him and thought he was the answer to my dreams. That dream's been shattered.

"Now I've got to concentrate on my two lovely children. It's hard being so young with two children, but I'm determined to give them the best life I can," she said.
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jun 25, 2000
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