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'I can still do the splits... when I'm drunk' The Britain's Got Talentjudge, actress, mum, and now campaigner, Amanda Holden, 43, on her secret skill, finding a new star for us all, girl crushes, and getting a bit lippy about her lips.

Byline: Words: Ruth Huntman

Talking about willies and taking seines with Sex: And The City star Kim Cattrall may sound like some male fantasy, but it has actually happened to Amanda Holden, who is about to hit our screens again with the new series of Britain's Got Talent. And fresh from hosting a charity bash in Monaco - where Kim was a guest - Amanda can't stop talking about it. Glowing and looking red-carpet ready despite having just got off a plane that's been delayed for hours, Amanda, 43, is in the best mood ever.

'Oh my God, I spotted Kim Cattrall on the guest list so I directed most of my humour at her. The DJ was called DJ Willy so I said, "I now leave you in the very capable hands of DJ Willy, although of course in Samantha Jones' hands he'd be rendered incapable". She fell about and I thought "I love you". When I went over to talk to her and get a seine she was so gorgeous to me... she's my new girl crush.'

Talking of girl crushes, Amanda, mum to Lexi, eight, and Hollie, two, isn't doing too badly in the inspirational stakes herself. Not only an actress, 5GTdegs longest-serving judge and an award-winning musical theatre star, she's now ventured into serious journalism. Having been through a miscarriage, stillbirth and nearly dying giving birth to Hollie, she has just fronted a documentary on the fate of unborn babies in NHS hospitals.

Oh, and if that's not enough, if she entered BGT with 'talking non-stop' as her talent, she'd win hands down...

Since the last series of BGT Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon have both become parents. Have you given them any advice?

I went to see Alesha's baby daughter Azura a few weeks after she was born and I said to her, 'Be the mum you know you're going to be, don't try to make everything perfect because it's too stressful'. I just told Simon he'd love Eric more than he loves himself and I think that's true.

When was the first time you realised you were talented?

It dawned on me I might have some talent when I left drama school and was one of only a handful of people to get an agent. Since then I've worked pretty much solidly for 22 years. It can't all be luck. Not that I'm saying I'm marvellous, because I don't think I am.

But you've said you do get angry when people dismiss you as 'that blonde bird off the telly'.

Oh yes, it's been happening since I was married to Les Dennis and people thought I was just this pretty blonde thing who was after him for whatever reason. I love changing people's opinions of me. I can't make everyone like me and I can handle that now. But I love it when I surprise people - like with the documentary I just did- and people go, "F**k, I didn't expect that". It's the ultimate putting two fingers up to those who underestimate me.

Have you got any secret talents?

Gymnastics was my first love. I could do backflips, splits, walkovers - the lot.

Can you still do the splits?

Yep, when I'm drunk. Actually I can do them sober, but when I'm drunk it's less painful.

Has your husband Chris Hughes got any hidden talents you can talk about in a family magazine?

He plays guitar, has got a gorgeous singing voice and is just so pretty. If he came on BGTI would put him through and tell him he's got the full package... yes, he has one of those too!

What have you learned about the secret to a perfect relationship?

I don't think any relationship is perfect, but I can't believe we've been together 10 years - it still feels fresh. He challenges me in really good ways and doesn't take any neurotic sh*t from me. And e makes me laugh a lot.

What sort of mother do you think your girls would say you are?

I hope they think I'm great fun. But like every mum I'm constantly thinking, 'I could have done that better'. They might say Chris is better fun because he lies on the floor and rolls around with them. I spoil them but I'm more of the care-giver and disciplinarian. I'm bad cop to Chris's good cop.

What is the best advice you'd give your daughters?

Never ever give up on anything you want or believe in.

Any big ambitions left?

I want to go back into drama. It's difficult because Hollie is still little and I'd be away from her filming for weeks. But I've missed it, so hopefully when she goes to school I'm going to do more. And there could be more current affairs stuff which I'm thrilled about.

Could a career in politics beckon?

Yay, Mandy for Prime Minister... or at least Mayoress Of London. Why not?

What's the worst thing you've read about your-self?

It p**ses me off when people say I've had my lips done. If I was going to have anything done that would be the last thing - you can always tell when someone's had that. I've always had big lips. When you look back at pictures when I was married to Les, I've got these massive juicy lips and now they've actually shrunk.

What's the funniest thing you've read about yourself?

When Les and I were going through our split my best friend, who is mixed race, was living with us. One day she was in the car with Les and the papers said he was being comforted by Diana Ross. Apparently they even contacted Diana for a comment who said something like, 'I don't know who he is but my heart goes out...'

If you weren't in showbiz what would you be doing now?

I'd either be a journalist or writer of some kind - or maybe in advertising. But something creative where I can put my own stamp on things


Who are this year's ones to watch on BGT?

There's a few European acts this year, but the ones we have got brought a high-tech weirdness to the show which I haven't seen in the UK before.

You've been with BGTT from the beginning - favourite ever moment?

I felt pure joy when Stavros Flatley, the Greek father and son dancers came on. (Pictured, right)

Most hideous moment?

In the first series this old chair to them which I sat on. She heaved me up into her woman covered in tattoos came on with her neighbour and smashed patio slabs on his back with af***ing hammer!

Weirdest moment this year so far?

A woman put clamps on her ears, then attached a genital region by her ears but when she unclamped herself she'd ripped her ear. She was bleeding everywhere and I was thinking, 'Get her to casualty!'

Simon got his performing dog with Pudsey - what would be your dream act?

I think we really need a Michael Buble-type crooner in the UK.

'It p***es me o when people say I've had 'It p***es me o when people say I've had 'It p***es me o when people say I've had my lips done, I've got massive juicy lips' my lips done, I've got massive juicy lips' my lips done, I've got massive juicy lips'


Amanda and new crush Kim Cattrall

Photographer: Ray Burmiston. Make- up: Francesca Neill using Armani and Sisley. Hair: Mikey Kardashian using Fudge and Mark Hill. Stylist: Angie Smith. Amanda wears: Jumpsuit, Adam Lippes; ring and brac

Amanda with Chris (left) and Les Dennis (right)

Beach life: Amanda with daughters Lexi, eight, and Hollie, two
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