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'I called to say, er...'.


ANSWERPHONE rage is driving more and more people mad - because many callers can't even leave a simple message.

Callers who forget to leave their name and number are top of the league for the UK's most annoying message mistakes.

A BT survey found almost half of those surveyed - 47 per cent - get livid at callers neglecting to identify themselves.

Next most annoying trait is the caller who speaks so fast the message cannot be understood.

Whispering callers made 27 per cent of people froth at the mouth followed by messages with too much detail which annoyed one in six.

People still have problems using answerphones although they have been around for years, say BT.

Voice specialist Yvonne Gilan warned: "You may be the one who loses out if your message is not simple and clear."
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 13, 2002
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