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'I'm going to cut off your feet so you can't run away.. I'm going to cut off your hands so you can't phone anyone' KERRY: MY KNIFE HORROR.


KERRY Katona has told of her terror when her mum's then boyfriend threatened to chop her into pieces.

A terrified 13-year-old Kerry begged for mercy when the violent partner threatened to copy the Nightmare On Elm Street character Freddy Krueger and chop her into pieces.

The partner had just stabbed mum Sue through the leg when he shouted, "I'm going to kill the little bitch now," and chased Kerry upstairs.

Speaking of that night in 1993, Kerry said: "I looked to see him standing on the bottom step waving the bloody carving knife and another serrated knife with a sharp forked tip.

"'Here comes Freddy,' he said, his face twisted. 'I'm going to cut off your feet so you can't run away. I'm going to cut off your hands so you can't phone anyone ever again'.

"'Then I'm going to cut off your t**s and chop you into pieces which I'll put in the fridge so no one can find you'."

In an exclusive excerpt from her new autobiography Too Much Too Young - which is serialised in the latest edition of OK Magazine - Kerry names the man for the first time.

And she tells how screaming and crying, she begged the man she called dad to spare her life.

She said: "'Please don't hurt me dad. I've done nothing wrong'. I took a step down. 'Freddy's home,' he growled, lunging at me and swinging the knives at my ankles.

"I jumped back as he swung again and rang for the safety of my room." "I sank down on the floor, hugging my knees and shaking with fear."

Her mum screamed for help and teenage Kerry forgot her fears, rushing to the woman she loved.

She said: "I could see her lying on the kitchen floor and there was blood on the lino. She had a deep cut on her ankle and the handle of a carving knife was sticking out of her thigh."

In the book - which will be in the shops on October 5 - Kerry admits her mum Sue introduced her to drugs in a pub toilet.

Kerry said: "I'm horrified that my own mum introduced me to drugs. I can see now that Mum and I didn't have a normal mother-daughter relationship."

THE latest issue of OK! Magazine is out now.


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 29, 2006
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