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'I'm Either Boring or I'm a Sl*t' Says the 'Camera Shy' Miley Cyrus [VIDEO].

Miley Cyrus' tongue is more famous than the singer herself. What do you think is the reason for the 21-year-old singer to stick her tongue out at every chance she gets? Is she proving herself to be a rebel by doing so? Does she love to be photographed in this particular manner? Well the reason is entirely different actually. Let's find out.

The great Miley Cyrus who twerks her way in a skimpy bikini with Santa and loves to smoke weed on the stage, says she is a camera shy person! So to cover her embarrassment, the "Wrecking Ball" singer sticks her tongue out. Really Miley, do you really want us to believe that you are shy in any way?

"I get embarrassed to take pictures. That's actually the truth," says Cyrus to Barbara Walters on her recent show named "10 Most Fascinating People of 2013."

"I'm so embarrassed, because people are taking pictures of me, and I just don't know how to - I don't know how to smile, and just be awkward, so I stick my tongue out, because I don't know what else to do," explained Miley further.

So does the singer know how much the media talks about her tongue and other antics? Is she aware of the fact that people call her the twerk queen or queen of selfies? Well Miley doesn't give a damn about her critics. In fact, she never reads anything about her and doesn't bother "Google-ing" herself.

"I refuse to Google myself," explains Miley to Barbara. "The minute I stopped Googling myself, you don't imagine what a happier person I am."

Miley also addressed the issue of getting naked. Does she like doing so on purpose?

"I don't always want to be naked. No matter what I do, I'm either boring or I'm a sl*t," said Miley. The singer is trying to say here that no matter what she does can never please the media. Miley's mother Tish also appeared on the interview and revealed she is not supporting Miley's antics always.

"There are times, as a mom, I'm like, 'What are you thinking?'" admitted Tish on the show. "This is what 20-year-olds do. She's just doing it in front of the world."

The year 2013 belonged to Miley. No matter how much she was criticised or ridiculed for her moves, she never ceased to be in the news this year. Twerking or her tongue out, Miley has been the most popular person this year. Check out her full interview below. Source:
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Date:Dec 19, 2013
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