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'Hybrid' induction barrel heating pays off even faster.


Xaloy Inc., New Castle, Pa, has come up with a more economical "hybrid" version of its nXheat induction heating system for injection machine barrels (previously named Indx). It combines power-saving induction heating in the feed zone with conventional heater bands in the downstream zones. The new nXheat-Hybrid version costs only 25% to 50% as much as a complete nXheat system. That provides faster payback and makes the system practical for smaller presses. As we reported in September, nXheat consists of sheet insulation wrapped around the barrel and induction heating cable that is wound in a spiral over the insulation. Current through the cable induces eddy currents in the machine barrel, heating it internally. This approach costs about five times as much as the initial cost of band heaters but consumes up to 70% less energy. Induction heaters also last much longer and provide more uniform heat, Xaloy claims. The company said induction heating on a machine with screw diameter of 50 mm or more (i.e., 400 tons or larger) could pay for itself in as little as 18 months, depending on energy cost, cycle time, and operating hours. The nXheat-Hybrid version is best suited to smaller machines with two or three barrel zones, on which it typically uses 30% to 50% less power than a barrel with heater bands alone. Even greater savings are said to be possible by using the same sheet insulation as in the feed zone to cover the downstream band heaters.

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Title Annotation:keeping up: injection molding
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Feb 1, 2008
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