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'Hooten And The Lady' Spoilers: Episode 2 Synopsis, Trailer Released.

Hooten (Michael Landes) and Lady Alex (Ophelia Lovibond) will be reunited in Rome in this week's Season 1, episode 2 of "Hooten and the Lady."

According to the ( synopsis for the upcoming episode of the new CW series, Lady Alex helps Hooten search for an ancient Sibylline book in Rome, much to the dismay of Lady Alex's mom, Lady Lindo (Jane Seymour).

"This is a big mother and daughter moment," Lady Lindo tells her daughter over the phone in the ( trailer for the episode.

"Sorry, I've been called in at work," Lady Alex replies as she and Hooten walk towards the Sistine Chapel.

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It's unclear what "mother and daughter moment" Lady Lindo is talking about, but a snippet from the trailer suggests that Lady Lindo and Lady Alex are supposed to be picking a dress together for her daughter's upcoming wedding. As revealed in the series premiere, Lady Alex is engaged to marry Edward (Jonathan Bailey), a character who is yet to make his first appearance on the show.

For those who aren't familiar with them, Sibylline books were a collection of oracular utterances, set out in Greek hexameters. They were believed to be bought from a sibyl by the last king of Rome, Tarquinius Superbus, and were said to be consulted at momentous crises through the history of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. Majority of the books were lost or deliberately destroyed, but there are a few fragments that have survived.

Clearly, the remaining Sibylline books are important artifacts of ancient Rome, but because Hooten made it pretty apparent in Season 1, episode 1 that he's just all about the money, it's a mystery why he is looking for one of the books.

At the end of the series opener, Hooten donated a large sum of money to the Convent of St. Anthony in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While it's unclear why he did that, Hooten's generous gesture implies that he has a strong relationship with the Catholic Church. Is the potential ties with the Catholic Church the one that led him to the mission of finding one of the Sibylline books?

Whatever Hooten's motivation is, finding the ancient book won't be easy. According to the synopsis for the episode, Hooten and Lady Alex find themselves breaking into the Sistine Chapel and battling an alligator as they try to find the book. Also, as a result of their mission, someone close to Lady Alex is put in jeopardy.

"Hooten and the Lady" Season 1, episode 2, aptly titled as "Rome," airs on Thursday, 9 p.m. EDT on The CW. Watch the trailer for the episode below:

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