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'He was a fearless champion of peace and of justice' - REVEREND ALAN HARPER; CARDINAL DALY: 1917-2009.


CARDINAL Cahal Daly died last night in the coronary intensive care unit of Belfast City Hospital.

The former Primate of All Ireland had fallen ill who central Northern at his South Belfast home where he had lived in his retirement.

Prayers for Cardinal Daly, 92, had been said in churches across Ireland in the past few days as news of his illness spread.

Catholic Primate CARDINAL SEAN BRADY said Cardinal Daly had died "peacefully in the presence of family and friends".

He added: "It is difficult to do full justice to the significance and achievements of his long, full and happy life.

"But when fully assessed and appreciated, the legacy of Cardinal Cahal Daly to the ecclesiastical and civil history of Ireland will be seen as immense.

"At a critical and troubled time in Irish history, he was prophetic in his conviction that lasting peace can only be built on justice, mutual understanding and respect for the traditions and aspirations of others.

"He was firm and courageous in his absolute rejection of violence as a means of achieving political ends.

"With leaders of other Christian traditions, his work for reconciliation helped to create the environment and principles upon which a lasting political accommodation was eventually reached.

"At this time my thoughts and prayers are with his sister Rosaleen, his brother Paddy and sisters-in-law Barbara and Mavis, his nieces and nephews, his extended family and all who mourn him in the dioceses of Ardagh and Clonmacnois, Down and Connor and Armagh."

Head of the Church of Ireland and Archbishop of Armagh, the MOST REVEREND ALAN HARPER added: "During the most challenging of times he gave wise and courageous leadership both as Bishop of Down and Connor and subsequently as Archbishop of Armagh.

"He was a fearless and forthright champion of peace and justice, always speaking out unambiguously on community issues during the darkest days of the Troubles.

Presbyterian Moderator DR STAFFORD CARSON said: "His County Antrim roots, of which he was always proud, gave him a deep understanding of the essential part that Presbyterians have played in the history of our community, something he was always happy to explain to others.

"Completely and totally opposed to violence he was an outspoken critic of the armed campaign of the IRA and recognised that any future arrangements for the governance of Northern Ireland had to involve Unionist and Nationalist, Protestant and Catholic in order to create a community in which everyone could feel at home."

IRISH PRESIDENT MARY McALEESE added: "Cardinal Cahal Daly had a long and distinguished career and will be fondly remembered by many people on this island.

"He showed immense courage in his efforts to advocate for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Northern Ireland and he was deeply committed to inter-church relations."

The Taoiseach BRIAN COWEN also praised the Cardinal last night.

He said: "He was an outspoken critic of those who used violence to achieve political objectives.

"I wish to extend my sympathies to Cardinal Daly's family, friends and colleagues."

Opposition Fine Gael leader ENDA KENNY added: "I regret the passing of Cardinal Cahal Daly.

"He was a celebrated ecclesiast who played a central role in resolving the Northern Ireland conflict."


RESPECTED Cardinal Cahal Daly died in Belfast yesterday aged 92 OUTGOING With successor Cardinal Sean Brady in Armagh UNITED He joined other religious leaders to condemn use of violence
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 1, 2010
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