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'Han hater' rubs Kaohsiung mayor's head to win bet.

Hot on the heels of a controversial incident involving a male Kaohsiung junior-high student, photos have surfaced showing a female student rubbing the head of itinerant Kaohsiung Mayor and full-time presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu, but the pupil claims that she only did so on a dare and that she is, in fact, a "Han hater".

Today (June 21), a photo surfaced on social media showing an award-winning student touching Han's head in an apparently very intimate and provocative way. Many pro-Han netizens praised her gesture, but she retorted that it was actually a stunt to win a bet.

According to local media reports, the incident took place during the same photo op the mayor was holding with junior high school graduates on Wednesday (June 19), when a 15-year-old student blurted out "The mayor running for president is something that is too ridiculous. Please don't let emotions override reason. Please wake up." In this case, an award-winning female student wearing a black, midriff tank top and jeans came up to the stage, and Han then gently touched her head.

After the classmate stepped off the stage, she suddenly turned back toward Han and asked if she could touch the mayor's head as well, reported NewTalk. Han obliged by "kindly" crouching down and letting her touch his head.

Screenshot showing photo and comments by student involved in incident.

Due in part to the angle of the photograph, it appears as though the female student is sniffing Han's head while his face is burried in her cleavage. The image left a lot of room for both "Han fans" and "Han haters" to interpret the significance of the incident.

However, a screenshot of a private conversation between the female student and a netizen leaked on social media reveals that she was asking the person to "please not share this image any longer." She said she felt very ashamed by the image and claimed, "I made a bet with my friends that I would slap him on the head, so that's why I did it."

She denied that she sniffed his head and closed by saying "I hate Han Kuo-yu," "I am a Han hater..."

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Publication:Taiwan News (Taipei, Taiwan)
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Date:Jun 21, 2019
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