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'Halo 4' Gameplay To Include New Enemies: Details Allegedly Leak Describing Watchers, Crawlers, And Weapons [VIDEO].

Enemies and weapons that will appear in "Halo 4" were revealed over the weekend, providing more insight on what players can expect in the next installment of the franchise. The Promethean enemies and new set of weapons were posted in a NeoGaf forum by user Garrett 2U, according to ( Halo Council .

The alleged leak details the function and role of each of these Prometheans, and the full text reads as follows:

"The Knights are one of three subdivisions within the Prometheans. ( Crawlers are basically cannon fodder to distract from the Knights. Watchers are support units. They can shield knights, spawn watchers, resurrect knights. Prometheans work together strategically. [In] Frankie's example of a Knight sniping him, he takes cover behind a column, Crawlers attack him by crawling down from the column. Promethean weapons/equipment designed to fight Flood.

"There are different variants of Knights, watchers, and crawlers.


- Deadly warriors, use weapons like Light Rifle and Supressor.

"Knight Lancer

- Scouts and Marksmen, use Promethean Vision to locate hidden enemies.

"Knight Commander

- Have skills of Knights, but can wield Incineration Cannons, stronger armor, Autosentry turrets.

"Knight Battlewagon

- Rare but incredibly dangerous, huge frames draped in heavy armor and hardlight shielding, can deploy Autosentries, will wield Scattershot if you get too close. (Orange patterns through body and on face, orange spikes on back. Super bad-s!)


- Wield boltshots, summon crawlers, protect and resurrect Knights.


- Agile and move in packs, fire Boltshot from distance.

"Crawler Snipe

- upgraded crawlers, no further details. I assume they keep larger ranges.

"Alpha Crawler

- Lead packs of Crawlers, has a Suppressor

"This is just about the Prometheans, might be considered spoilers to come people.

"Prometheans work for the Forerunner civilization, 'or whatever is left of it.' Why do they now appear as robotic entities? Were they always this way? Prometheans are directed by a 'general of sorts.' First you encounter the Covenant. Then the Prometheans. But it is when they combine forces, and how they combine, that will offer biggest surprises."

The release date for "Halo 4" is set for Nov. 6, just in time for the holiday season. As the fall approaches, alleged leaks about the "Halo 4" characters and plot have begun to emerge. Earlier in September the( Official Xbox Magazine reported that the ending of the game has been leaked. A new video documentary had revealed segments of what could be the ( final bits of dialogue in "Halo 4." This reportedly leaked ending and the information above have not been confirmed by developer 343 Industries, and therefore can only be considered rumor at this point.

However, Frank O'Connor of 343 Industries did divulge some details about "Halo 4" during PAX Prime, which took place last week. O'Connor is known for discussing the game and how it ( fits into the entire "Halo" universe , as he revealed in past ( interviews with Game Informer . O'Connor was asked specifically by YouTube user ReadyUpLive whether or not the studio knew what the setting of "Halo 4" would be before the game went into production.

"Even back then, we had a lot of ideas about that world," he replied when referring to the ending of 'Halo 3,' "and what it could contain and what it meant to the [Halo] universe. The only thing that was absolutely 100 percent was Forerunner. The rest of it organically and naturally evolved from where we wanted to take the story. Some of the tendrils that reached out from the terminals and some of the stuff we were prototyping with Greg Bear even like four years ago."

But there was one detail that the creators knew would play a role in "Halo 4."

"We kind of knew where the story was going to go and we knew we were going to follow the Master Chief," O'Connor also said in response to ReadyUpLive.

To see the full video interview with Frank O'Connor, check out the video below.
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