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'George couldn't take his eyes off Rozanna.. he was drooling all over her. If I was his girlfriend he'd be in the spare room.. he deserves a sex ban ' COME DINE WITH ME NOEL STIRRING IT UP.


SHOWBIZ favourite Noel Cunningham says Fair City's George McMahon deserves a sex ban from his girlfriend after shamelessly flirting with Rozanna Purcell on Celebrity Come Dine With Me. The 27-year-old actor couldn't take his eyes off the gorgeous 21-year-old Miss Universe Ireland during steamy scenes on the show.

But telly expert and TV3 star Noel told the Irish Sunday Mirror: "If I was his girlfriend I would banish him to the spare room. I would withdrawal all favours of a physical nature for several months as payback for his drooling over Miss Purcell.

"I'm a tough cookie but I certainly would if he had been my boyfriend, or my partner and I watched a full week of him drooling over Roz, believe me.

"It wasn't for the cameras, that. It wasn't because we were doing a show. It wasn't because we were playing our own little characters. It was very real for George - and I would have murdered him."

Ireland AM's showbiz expert - who has interviewed everyone from Princess Diana to Crystal Swing - revealed he was petrified of agreeing to do the show in case no one would know who he was.

And flamboyant Noel, who has been inundated with offers of work following the fiery series, admits he was also concerned people would also think he was too gay for Ireland to handle.

He explained: "I have to admit I was really worried and quite nervous that people would dislike that and that we were just a bunch of airheads talking about sex." Throughout the series the stars had lots of sex on the menu every night with intercourse the only conversation around the table.

But clean-cut Noel insists he doesn't spend his days thinking about nookie even if the others are more obsessed with romping than he is.

He added: "I can't speak for Paul Martin but I'm absolutely not sex mad. In fact, what didn't come across on Wednesday was that I laid down the law that sex talk was banned, as well as any talk about Michael Jackson.

"It was exceedingly difficult to manage.

But of course at Roz's house when you had sex-on-legs you just could not get away from it. I've never had a dinner party with a semi-naked girl.

"It was extremely disconcerting whether you were straight or gay to sit at a table and try to eat when you're looking at a girl who's breasts are exposing themselves depending on how she turns."

But beaming Noel insists he is thrilled Roz walked away with the cash prize for her charity - because the other boys didn't beat him.

He smiled: "She was fun, she was wittier than anybody would have thought and the public only saw an edited version of what went on.

"And she really is a comical, bright, articulate young woman and if she got away with using some food that she didn't prepare herself such as the personalised shortbread and the posset, then you know what I say, 10/10.

"I would have been furious if the boys had beaten me. If I had shown a bit more cleavage maybe, just maybe, I would have gotten across the line before Roz. I didn't flash enough skin." But while Noel flirted up a storm with crooner Brian Kennedy the showbiz expert insists they would be a horrific couple if they hooked up.

He said: "I think although Brian proposed to me it would have been a celibate union. I would not be his type.

"We are good friends but anything else we would murder each other. We couldn't live together."

And Noel denied he used fake tan or had a crazy hairstyle.

He raged: "With access to a luxury bolt-hole in Morocco, I don't need to wear fake tan. The big hair, as I was saying to Joan Collins last week, it's just so 80s.

"As for Mac-tinted foundation, well, as I said on the show - guilty as charged."? TV3 want applicants for the new series of Come Dine With Me to contact NOEL'S TOP MOMENTS 1. PRESENTING peace lilies to Brian Kennedy and Paul Martin - although it didn't stop their feud splashing out of control.

2. MUNCHING down on a mammoth kebab after being unable to stomach the repulsive, burnt food on offer during Paul's night.

3. BEING wooed by George, who feeds the showbiz expert a strawberry during a particularly saucy moment.

4. DARING to wear a purple suit and single-handedly managing to upstage Paul in the fashion stakes with his stunning attire.

5. ATTEMPTING to stop the X-rated talk by telling the table: "Enough of the smuttiness, boys." Of course, it is to absolutely no avail.


Driven potty... unable to stomach Paul's food Fun... George McMahon Pals...Pippa O'Connor, Noel & Rosanna Davison Hats Off... at the races with Eithna Farrell and Mary Lee Bubbly... with Paul, Roz, Brian and George on the hit show Bottoms up... George, Rozanna, Brian, Paul and Noel
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Jan 8, 2012
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