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'Fishing' continues Stroh's new campaign.

Jack and Andy, the two friends who were recently recruited to push Old Milwaukee beer, have loaded up their Winnebego with bait and beer and have moved on to their next vacation spot at Lake Lure, NC.

"Fishing" is the third execution in the continuing "It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This" television campaign from Stroh Brewery Co.'s Old Milwaukee and Old Milwaukee Light. The newest spot features the bait-and-tackle tactics of Jack and Andy while meeting some local fishermen from Lake Lure. The ad is accompanied by the theme from "The Andy Griffith Show" television series.

"As more and more of the individual personalities of Jack and Andy are revealed with each new spot in this television campaign, consumers will wonder where these likable characters' next |road trip' will take them to meet new friends," explained Mark Steinberg, Old Milwaukee brand director. "Just when consumers thought, |it couldn't get any better,' Jack and Andy have shown us it can."

The Television spot broke July 20 on ESPN baseball. A 60-second and 30-second spot will be featured on sports programming throughout the summer. The "Fishing" spot has also been adapted for radio, Steinberg also added.
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Title Annotation:Stroh Brewery Co.; television advertisement of beer products
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 10, 1992
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