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'Fiscal fortunes' at Euro 2012.

Who's in the money and who's going bust...




It seems us hard-to-please lot at 7DAYS Towers aren't the only ones not jumping on the 'Mario Gomez is good' bandwagon. Germany legend Scholl reckons the striker's a bit of a statue, saying: "I have seen him run more [than against Portugal], but seldom less." Watch Gomez go on to become top scorer now...


Some of our number are still dressed by their mum so we're overjoyed to see the Croatia boss' brilliant fashion faux-pas. His outfit for the Ireland clash, a tailor-made suit topped off with a woolly hat, made him look like he was on day release from a mental asylum. Brave move, but we think he pulled it off...


Anyone who picks up conventional wisdom, tears it up then throws it in the air deserves credit in our book. That Spain boss Vincente del Bosque started the Italy match without any strikers was brave, and, well, sort of worked...We cannot wait for them to start without a keeper against Ireland...



Anyone who's played football this side of Mars has played on pitches that would be deemed unfit for a WW1 film set. However, that doesn't stop the pampered, preening, overpaid players at the Euros, more specifically Spain after the Italy match, from complaining that the grass is too long. Get a grip, we say...


The tournament may be only four days old but already we've had fans fighting before the Croatia and Ireland clash, Russian fans beating up stewards and racially abusing Czech Republic defender Theodor Gebre Selassie, and Mario Balotelli being subjected to monkey chants from a band of Spain supporters. Disgusting...

Yvonne the Cow

This bovine beauty shot to fame last year having escaped from a Bavarian slaughter house and evaded capture for over three months. However, all the attention has clearly gone to Yvonne's head as she's now trying to take the place of now-deceased Paul the Octopus as mystic-in-chief of Germany. So far she's 100 per cent incorrect, poor form...

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Date:Jun 11, 2012
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