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'Fallout 4' Characters Look Like Anime In New Mod.

Anime fans who who are also fans of "Fallout 4" now have the opportunity to turn its characters into anime-looking people via a new mod released very recently.

The mod, officially named "AnimeRace Nanakochan" changes the way all female characters and NPCs in ( Bethesda's "Fallout 4" look and turns them into female anime characters, ( Polygon reported. The mod can be downloaded from ( Nexus Mods.

"AnimeRace Nanakochan" mod creator Hiyokomod said the mod was created out of disappointment at how Kasumi Nakano from "Fallout 4 Far Harbor" looked like. At first, the modder was excited to see how Nakano looked like because of her "cute voice." After seeing her, however, "I was in despair when I met Kasumi," the modder said.

Shocked, Hiyokomod was suddenly brought to a fork in the road. "I had to choose between quitting the game or creating my ideal kasumi," the modder said. Instead of quitting, the modder chose to create a new mod that changes the way Nanako, and all characters, look like.

Mod Features

The "AnimeRace Nanakochan" mod adds a new "race" that looks like anime. Players can customize how each character looks like. The anime faces are very lively and have a wide assortment of facial expressions.

There are three types of character faces. Players can choose to match eyebrows and eyelashes to these face types. They can also choose different kinds of hairstyles and customize the hair color as well.

Players' customization options are limited. For example, eye colors have to match certain face numbers. Failing to match eye colors to face numbers will result in an "strange" outcome.

Players can customize both playable characters and NPCs. The mod, however, doesn't work with male characters, so players can only change how female characters look like. For those who can't imagine how this looks like, a ( sample video shows a normal "Fallout" male character walk behind the anime version of Nanako.

Bugs and warnings

Although the mod is free and allows players to customize how female characters look, it does contain some bugs that result in weird-looking graphics, such as hair suddenly popping out of a character's shoulders.

What's more, Hiyokomod warns players against using the mod to "post pictures or videos that fall into the Adult category."

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Date:May 6, 2019
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