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'Fade' effect colors for personal-care packaging.

New special color effects for personal-care bottles use multilayer coextrusion m provide a seamless transition from one color to another along the length of the container. The Fade effect comes from Clariant Masterbatches Div., Holden. Mass. Says Len Kulka. director of creative development for packaging, "Imagine a bottle that is bright red at the bottom, fading to pure white by the time you reach the top. Picture metallic purple changing to black or orange merging into blue. Just about any combination is possible, and the greater the contrast between the two colors, the better."

Color transition requires a special coextrusion head and at least two layers--the base color and the fade color. In development is using a third interior laver of uncolored virgin resin or virgin plus scrap. Also being tested is a fourth layer of post-consumer material between the virgin interior and the base-color layer.


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Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Nov 1, 2008
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