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'Facial harmony, even skin tone make you look younger'.

When it comes to aging, most people think of wrinkles or sagging skin. However, the majority of people experience a combination of wrinkles, loss of volume and hyperpigmentation as they age, according to dermatologist Lee Jeong-heon

"As you age, fat cells begin to shrink and collagen stops being produced," Lee said. "That's why you lose elasticity and volume over time."

She said facial harmony as well as the color and the texture of the skin affect the likelihood of exhibiting a youthful appearance.

"Everybody wants a V-line face nowadays. Due to this rising trend, there are many types of non-surgical procedures to help create an oval-shaped face," she said.

According to Lee, dermal fillers can help replenish lost volume, smooth under-eye circles and lift sagging cheekbones.

Once a filler brings back lost volume, she recommends facelift procedures to balance out the face.

"Not all facelifts are the same. Different skin types and patients' desires can impact the type of facelift procedure and outcome," Lee said.

"I offer tailor-made packages that can transform a patient's appearance with little to no downtime."

For instance, if a person has thick skin, she recommends Ulthera or Shrink facelift procedures to pull up the skin.

But for those who have thin skin, the dermatologist warns that such procedures could over-tighten the skin, making it look unnatural.

Instead, she recommends the AuraLyft facelift technique, which is used to elevate muscles in the face at a deep level, delivering a more natural outcome.

"For those of you wish to look younger, but are afraid of looking unnatural with a thread lift or surgical facelift, high-intensity focused ultrasound procedures, including Ulthera, Shrink and Aura, can be a desirable option," she said.

Lee also stressed the importance of controlling one's skin tone to defy aging.

"Apart from creases and wrinkles, the uneven skin tone associated with hyperpigmentation can actually make you look older," she said, citing that Asians have more melisma and pigment disorders compared with Western counterparts.

"One of the most common cause of hyperpigmentation is UV damage. It's really important to cover up and use a good sunscreen. Most importantly, moisturize your skin."

When asked about the effectiveness of home care devices that are becoming increasingly popular in Korea, Lee said one should refrain from using them too often.

"They can be helpful if used properly, but there is a risk of razor burn if used too frequently," she said.

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Publication:The Korea Times News (Seoul, Korea)
Date:Aug 1, 2019
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