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By RICHARD SMITH A COUPLE went on a drunken rampage as their little daughter looked on - dressed as a fairy.

The pair, both 23, first attacked a passer-by who the husband thought had insulted his girlfriend. They chased him home where neighbours came to defend him - but they were beaten up as well. One man was branded a "paedophile" after trying to protect his wife.

Another man was accused of "grassing up" the woman's cousin but when he shut his door she ripped it off its hinges and punched him three times. All the while their daughter was watching in her pink party dress.

The couple, of Worle, Somerset, admitted seven assault charges and being drunk in charge of a child aged under seven. The woman was given a five-month curfew. Her boyfriend had already served 12 weeks in jail after pleading guilty earlier, North Somerset magistrates court heard.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 4, 2011
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