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'Extend deadline' on waste disposal regs, NLC urges EPA (National League of Cities; United States Environmental Protection Agency)

NLC, in a joint letter with the National Association of Counties (NACo), urged EPA Administrator Carol Browner to "remain firm in extending the deadline" for subtitle D solid waste disposal facilities to meet new federal landfill requirements.

"From our perspective," Don Borut and Larry Naake, executive directors of NLC and NACo respectively, said, "an extension of the deadline is essential to assure that the states have adequate time to complete, submit and have their plans approved."

"Local governments are struggling with an awesome number of unfunded federal requirements," they continued, "and should not be required to implement an inflexible federal requirement if the state is empowered to provide a less costly and equally protective solution."

Borut and Naake also expressed the organizations strong support for extending the deadline for one year for the closure/post-closure financial assurance requirements.

EPA expects to propose extensions for both the landfill and financial assurance requirements for public review and comment by the end of this month. An official decision on the extensions is unlikely before the end of July or early August. Municipal officials facing an October 9, 1993 deadline are encouraged to write both EPA Administrator Carol Browner (at the Environmental Protection Agency, 401 M Street S.W., Washington, D.C. 20460) as well as their members of Congress in support of the extensions both now and during the formal review and comment period later this month.
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Author:Kocheisen, Carol
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Jun 7, 1993
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