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'Enter The Gungeon': Unlocking New 'Farewell To Arms' DLC Characters Guide.

As of the free "Farewell To Arms" update, "Enter The Gungeon" got two new characters, namely The Paradox and The Gunslinger. While they're two different characters, their unlock conditions are connected to each other. Here's how to unlock the two new "Enter The Gungeon" characters.

First off, players will need to unlock The Paradox to obtain The Gunslinger. To do this, players will need to obtain the "Paradox" status to have a chance to unlock the character. The Paradox status can be obtained after interacting with an inaccessible floor portal in the Gungeon. Their character will turn into an ominous black and purple glow but this state will not heavily affect the player's ability to fight.

The player will have to bring this character up to the end and kill their past with the Paradox status on to unlock the character. Since the requirement needs the player to kill the past, clearing the game once might be one of the requirements to proceed with unlocking this new ( "Enter The Gungeon" character.

As a playable character, The Paradox starts with a random weapon, active item, and passive each floor which makes it an erratic character to play. While this is a fun gimmick to play, this random character must be brought to the sixth and most difficult level, Bullet Hell and defeat the Lich. While this setup may require extreme skill to pull off, regular players can also look forward to win this if they get the strong items and synergies to make most difficult boss fight trivial.

After beating the Lich with The Paradox, players will be put into a run as The Gunslinger. Players will have to clear the Gungeon and kill the past as The Gunslinger one last time to unlock him as a playable character.

The "Farewell To Arms" update is considered to be the ( final DLC added to "Enter The Gungeon." Dodge Roll is planning to put their efforts elsewhere after developing and pushing out update to this game since 2016. For now, we'll have to wait for more updates on what the developers are planning in the future for more "Enter The Gungeon" and their ( other games.

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