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'Divorce is the best diet in the world' The only way is up for Kerry after she loses 3st and puts scandals in past.

Byline: Rick Fulton

AFTER drug scandals, two failed marriages and bankruptcy, it finally looks like Kerry Katona is bouncing back.

She's lost the flab, dumped the golddigging hubby and ditched the drugs.

It's all made for an exhausting few years. She said frankly: "It's all a bit of a blur but the only way is up now."

Giving her the push she needed is Claire Powell, of management company Can Associates, who worked her magic on Peter Andre's flagging career. She has made Kerry sign a contract agreeing to undergo weekly drug tests to prove she is off cocaine.

Kerry also had to agree to avoid all unnecessary cont act w it h estranged husband Mark Croft and move from her home in Wilmslow, Cheshire, to Sussex to be closer to her management team.

The mum-of-four piled on the pounds after revelations about her marriage, finances and drink and drug habits.

But she has lost three stone after going on a strict exercise regime at a boot camp. And the former Atomic Kitten stepped out at the premiere for Jennifer Lopez's new movie, The Back-Up, in London's Leicester Square, looking slim and gorgeous.

She said: "I've never felt better. I feel great - radiant and refreshed.

"I got a bit lost over the last four years but I'm trying my best now to get back where I used to be."

So what's her secret?

"Exercise - and divorce," roared Kerry. "It's the best diet in the world." As well as wild stories about her drug problems and rocky relationship with Mark, Kerry has often been in the news for her yo-yo weight.

Two years ago she had liposuction, a breast reduction and had her stretch marks removed. She slimmed down from 14 stone to eight before piling the weight on again the following year.

Now she's eight and a half stone and owes it all to the G.I. Jane Boot Camp she undertook at the start of the year.

She said: "I'm a right lazy cow. I couldn't even run up the stairs without being out of breath but the exercise bit is a massive change in me.

"The camp was brilliant. I lost a stone in the first two weeks and I've kept it up by getting up every morning at quarter past six to go jogging.

"I'm off the beef curries, too. I've had the odd chicken curry here and there but it's OK as long as I maintain the exercise. I love my kebabs and curry but I'm trying to stick to the salads now."

Of course it will be a long struggle for Kerry - and not just to keep her weight down. She has had some dark days with lurid stories of drug taking.

Last year, after she was exposed in a newspaper for being filmed snorting cocaine, she was dumped from her pounds 250,000-a-year Iceland television deal.

In the past she has denied taking drugs but since her split from Mark she admitted that she and the father of her two youngest children Max, two, and Heidi, three (she also has two daughters Molly, eight and Lilly-Sue, seven, with first husband Brian McFadden), locked themselves away for three-day cocaine binges while the k ids were downstairs.

But she insisted she hadn't been high on coke during an interview on ITV's This Morning last year. She famously slurred her way through an interview and viewers were so concerned they called the station to make sure she was OK.

Kerry maintains her speech was affected by medication she had taken for her bipolar disorder and a sleeping tablet that made her like a "zombie".

Her troubles didn't end there. Her husband admitted to bleeding her dr y, squandering much of her pounds 6.8million fortune and leaving her w it h nothing.

It was after the boot camp that she realised she had to end her marriage and that's why she credits the camp with transforming her life. She said:

"It's the best thing that has happened to me. It's not just about the fitness or losing weight, it clears your head. It was great fun ."

Fun is something that has been in short supply since her split from ex- Westlife star Brian McFadden in 2004.

The break-up was acrimonious and recently Brian ranted on Twitter that the mot her of his two daughters was a "pig-faced mole, she's dead to me".

Former pal Katie P rice has also turned against her. Kerry admitted to kissing Royal Marine trainer Kevin Green at the boot camp and there have also been rumours that she's dating Price's ex, Peter Andre.

And while she insists Pete is just a good friend, she admits she would love to marry again. But first she would have to date again and that fills her with fear.

She said: "I'm dreading it. I've been married twice. I don't know what to do on a date".

But Kerry is fighting fit and looking firmly to the future. She said: "No one will drag me down again. This is it now."


DARK DAYS: An unhappy Kerry, top, before she lost weight, with Brian McFadden, above, before their acrimonious split and, right, during an interview on This Morning where she slurred her words SMILES BETTER: Kerry showed off her trim new figure on the red carpet, months after splitting from second husband Mark Croft, left
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Date:May 8, 2010
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