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'Divergent' Sequel 'Insurgent' Trailer Reveals Mystery Box And New Allies Of Tris [Spoilers].

The first full trailer of "Insurgent," the sequel to the 2014 movie "Divergent," has been released. The trailer shows a mysterious box that can only be opened by a divergent. Tris will need new allies who can fight alongside her. [Warning: Spoiler Alert]

The leader of Erudite, Jeanine, has found a mysterious box that has the symbols of all the factions on it. But the box can only be opened by a divergent, a person who can't be characterised as having traits that suit only one faction. The box is said to be the key for the future of society that is currently at war.

After the events of the movie "Divergent," Tris and Four are on the run and are being pursued by Jeanine. The war among the factions was started by the Dauntless and Erudite alliance that seeks to take over the leadership position in society.

Jeanine is looking to capture all the divergent people in the society but the one who has the capability to open the mysterious box may be Tris. The trailer shows Tris being captured and Jeanine tries to open the box with her help.

Tris will gather more supporters in order to take on Jeanine in "Insurgent." She and Four meet multiple people who are living faction less in society. Will the combined forces of Tris and her allies be sufficient to take on the powerful forces behind Jeanine?

Tris' brother Caleb can be seen in the trailer defending the actions of Jeanine. The mystery box may be a chance for the Erudite to salvage their civilization. Tris' old rival Peter is seen escorting her to Jeanine. Will box reveal some ancient secret about their society and hold keys to its future?

Tris will be fighting herself in the experiment conducted by Jeanine. She is also seen getting intimate with Four. The movie promises a lot of action with Tris leading the charge against Erudite after realising that she will always be pursued by her enemies and she will have to make a stand at some point.

Some of the returning cast members in "Insurgent" include Shailene Woodley as Tris, Theo James as Four, Jai Courtney as Eric, Miles Teller as Peter, Ansel Elgort as Caleb, Zoe Kravitz as Christina, Maggie Q as Tori Wu and Kate Winslet as Jeanine. Fans of the franchise are excited about the trailer and are waiting for the release of the movie.


Source - YouTube/The Divergent Series

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