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'Dissuasion' campaign needed against WMD.

Speaking to a gathering of military and defense industry representatives, Bill Schneider, director of the Defense Science Board, said the nation must focus on dissuading potential enemies from using weapons of mass destruction. That includes having an active missile defense capability.

The ability to intercept missiles not only in all phases of trajectory, but even before launching could be enough to dissuade some nations that they may never get the chance to use their weapons of mass destruction.

"So when a nation is contemplating the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction as an instrument of its foreign policy, it faces not only conditional risk of retaliation, but it may never get to use its weapons of mass destruction," Schneider said.

The threat of cruise missile attacks also must be deterred, Schneider said.

"We have been concerned with the cruise missile problem from the outset. One consequence of having effective missile defense is that adversaries will go quickly to cruise missiles," Schneider said at a Capitol Hill Club breakfast briefing in June.

In the early stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq fired a cruise missile into Kuwait. "As we've seen in Iraq, [there is] something to the tactic of using mix strike--with cruise and ballistic missiles," Schneider said. "But the cruise missile problem is technically more difficult than the ballistic missile defense problem."

The Defense Science Board will review how the Army's Patriot missile system operated during the conflict. "The focus on cruise missiles will intensify as we move ahead on ballistic missile defense," he said.
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Author:Fein, Geoff S.
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Date:Aug 1, 2003
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