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'Discovered I can be evil in Bombay Velvet'.

KOEL Purie Rinchet plays host to another popular talk show host, the multifaceted Karan Johar, on her show Couching With Koel this week.

K. Jo, after successful stints as filmmaker and a talk show host, turned actor in Anurag Kashyap's Bombay Velvet recently, said that he would rather underplay his ability to multi-task. "I don't think I am putting in the effort that people think I am. I think it is coming all very seamlessly to me. I don't think time management is my thing," he said.

Opening up on the popular notion that he is a mama's boy, Karan said, "I just have a mum and she is cool.

My mother is still like, 'my boy is my boy and he does not have any physical life beyond his existence'. She supported and clapped at my Roast though we never discussed it afterwards." He said that the AIB Roast experience was unique for him. "It's one thing practicing those lines in office with the AIB guys and quite another saying it in front of 5,000

people. Then it was like, Oh! God this is going to create a tsunami.

But I got carried away and even added my own lines," he said.

K. Jo, however, chose to draw the line when it came to discussing personal matters. "Whatever my sexuality or orientation is, it is no one's problem. So don't ask me questions I don't feel the need to answer," he said.

Quite the imaginative character, he spoke about how he often visualised his own funeral. "I have had visions of my funeral. I want to see who cried how much. I am a needy person emotionally. I want a sad funeral," he declared.

Karan said his attitude towards filmmaking has changed over the years. Aarti scenes, for instance, are no more a common feature in his films like before. "Religion is no longer a part of my cinema because it has gone out of my ethos," he reasoned.

He said that working with Anurag Kashyap in Bombay Velvet was quite an experience. "Anurag's shooting style is not invasive. We can never see (the camera), so there is no level of consciousness or intimidation," he pointed out.

He said that playing the role of Kaizad Khambatta in the film was something different. "I discovered I can be evil. There is an evil side to all of us. But to do such awful things and coat it with humanity is the challenge. I wanted Khambatta to be slightly crooked. I kind of slipped into it on day three," he said. When reminded that he had made an arty short for Bombay Talkies , Karan replied: "I was dying to put a song in the middle of that film! But I told myself I am going to make my first arthouse film." Rooting for mainstream cinema, he said, "I don't think anything can take away the madness one enjoys in mainstream cinema. If I stop doing it, if everyone stops doing it then life would be such a boring place." (Couching With Koel airs on Saturdays 9.30 pm; and on Sundays 11.30 am & 11.30 pm) Johar says AIB Roast was unique experience

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Publication:Mail Today (New Delhi, India)
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Date:May 30, 2015
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